Write to Elder Copeland

Every missionary loves to get letters.  Feel free to write anytime you can to encourage him in his missionary work, plus he will enjoy hearing how you are doing.

1.  You may use the e-mail below, but understand that he will only be able to read these once a week on his Preparation Day.  (Presently, P-Day is Monday.)


2.  Directly from his mission president is the following

instruction about land mail and packages:
Should you desire to send your missionary a handwritten letter or a package, here is the Mission address:
Nicaragua Managua Sur Misión, De la Retonda del Periodista, 150 vrs al Sur Ofiplaza Suite 725, Managua, Managua, Nicaragua.   
We also have an AP Box where you may send letters or packages:  AP 3527, Managua, Nicaragua. Please be sure to write your missionary’s full name on their letter or package.

We have had the best experience with missionaries receiving boxes intact when sent by US Postal Service. Packages sent by other means (Fedex, UPS, DHL and others) often get stuck in customs. The missionary and the mission do not have the financial resources nor the available time to obtain the packages from customs and pay the extra fees.


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