Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Forty-seventh Week - June 15, 2015

What's up, everyone! 

This week wasn't the best.  We basically lost every investigator that we have, so that was kinda tough, especially having to restart all over again.  It's always tough to see investigators fall.  So this week, we will be looking for some new people, that's for sure! 

But, we are teaching a Pastor.  He's actually pretty cool.  We contacted his house this past week and asked about Joseph Smith and stuff.  I introduced him to the Book of Mormon.  It was pouring rain and I had him read the first paragraph of the introduction.  After he read, he took the book out of my hands and asked us to come inside his house.  He kept reading the introduction and then asked if he could keep the book, so we will see how he ends up being, but he is really interested in the Book of Mormon. 

But it's still hotter than crap.  On Saturday night at like midnight, the electricity went out and it was extremely hot, so I was soaked in sweat for a solid two hours before I decided to take a shower at 2 am, then finally the lights came back.  That was miserable.  ENJOY A/C PEOPLE!!!  But not much more to say this past week.  Did some baptism interviews and yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

But, also, Happy Birthday, Lauren, yesterday!  I can't believe you're 15 and how fast you are growing up!  You are a great example to every single one of us with your dedication to your dance and education.  I hope to have that dedication to my schooling when I get home.  You might need to help me out a bit though:)

 (Elder Copeland's sister, Lauren)
Well, I will try to do better next week.  Enjoy your week, and I love you guys!  Can't believe I'm coming up on a year...

Also, I caught a lizard this past week!

Elder Copeland

Monday, June 8, 2015

Forty-sixth Week - June 8, 2015

A lot of things happened this past week. 

First, on Tuesday we had interviews with President.  They went well.  I love President Russell!  On Wednesday, I'll be honest I can't even remember what we did, but I think it was a good day.  On Thursday, Elder Merrill came down to Rivas and we visited a bunch of the possibilities and did some baptism interviews.  Friday, in the district meeting, I talked about the role of the Book of Mormon in missionary work.  I love the book.  
And on Saturday, it was super good!  We have been teaching a family for a long time, but they weren't married and the guy had to get divorced from his former wife, so we had to get them divorced.  Then on Saturday, he and his girlfriend got married and the husband (Carlos) and the two kids got baptized.  The wife still doesn't want to get baptized because her mom doesn't want her to... kinda lame.  But it was awesome to get them married and then baptize them!  They are such a solid family.  I love them do death!  
(I drove this kid to his baptism on the bike.  This is how they ride bikes in Nica.)
(Carlos and Janet) 
(La coche)

(My little gifts for their baptisms!  Ary: my slingshot; Maynor: my shirt; Carlos: a set of scriptures)

(The baptism)

(The family with my companion and me.) 
(I was sweating like crazy in this picture.  Check out  my knees!)

Then on Sunday morning, we woke up to a huge rain storm.  All the streets had like two feet of water, and we had to still truck through all of the water to get people to church.  It was so fun.  Haha!

(This was on Sunday, but too bad I didn't have my camera when the waters were up to my knees.)
So this past week was super good, but I don't have a ton of time, so I'm sorry that everything isn't all explained well.  But it was a good week, and I bought a sweet soccer jersey today.  Right now I'm in Jinotepe with Elder Merrill and Naisbitt because I had to do an interview for them.
(The Three Musketeers: Elder Merrill, Elder Naisbitt, and me with my new jersey)
But have a good week and think what is really important in life.  Live life one day at a time and it's much easier! 

Elder Copeland

Monday, June 1, 2015

Forty-fifth Week - June 1, 2015

Can't believe its already June! and even worse, Summer!!! 

Nothing big happened new this week other than I saw a dude eating a pack of cigarettes like it was candy...

This past week consisted of a lot of work searching for new people to teach.  I love the Nicaraguans, but wow I have never heard so many lies and excuses.  So please be a man of your word, whether you like it or not, just do it.  Don't make up excuses, just fess up for your mistakes and learn from them!  

Right now we have a family that we have been teaching for awhile that is super awesome. We are just waiting for his divorce so he can marry his girlfriend and we can baptize them!  They're awesome.  The wife won't be baptized yet, just has no desire, but at least we will have the dad and 2 kids! 

As a missionary, I desire the salvation of all these people (Mosiah 28:3).  I want to help these people out so bad.  For that, I work my tail off every day for their benefit and not mine. But sometimes it is tough to see the fruits of my work, from being rejected all dayyyy longggg, everyday.  You would think that they would be a little easier to teach cause they are so poor, but no es cierto para nada... They just don't seem to understand what the truth is.  They think that church is a rock concert with a pastor screaming his head off at them (which is quite funny to see hahahhaa), but who knows why you'd want to be a part of that???  I guess it does say, "Many are called but few are chosen," right? but still I love these people to death and will do what ever I have to do to help them out...

WOW, I was just thinking.  I left on Origination 1 year ago today!  That was one of the funnest things I have ever done in my life, and will for sure be going on that again when Kade graduates!  From Martin's Cove, Winter Quarters, Liberty Jail, Far West, Adam-Ondi- Ahman, Nauvoo, Carthage, Isaac Morley farm, Kirtland, Susquehanna River, Joseph Smith birthplace, Peter Whitmer home, Hill Cumorah, and the Sacred Grove.  Every single one of those places is special in its own way, and sometimes we forget what the early saints went through... 

But I gained a foundation of the gospel on that trip and also read the Book of Mormon and finished it in the Sacred Grove and asked God if the Book of Mormon was true.  That sense of peace that came to my body was an undeniable witness that the Book of Mormon is true! I love the book and its teachings!  I know without a doubt that this book and this church are true, and the happiness that it brings to one is absolutely amazing!  My testimony is growing each and every day, and I know in 13 months, I will be unbreakable.  Well...

Love you guys.  Enjoy your first week of summer, and don't be dumb!

Elder Copeland