Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Forty-seventh Week - June 15, 2015

What's up, everyone! 

This week wasn't the best.  We basically lost every investigator that we have, so that was kinda tough, especially having to restart all over again.  It's always tough to see investigators fall.  So this week, we will be looking for some new people, that's for sure! 

But, we are teaching a Pastor.  He's actually pretty cool.  We contacted his house this past week and asked about Joseph Smith and stuff.  I introduced him to the Book of Mormon.  It was pouring rain and I had him read the first paragraph of the introduction.  After he read, he took the book out of my hands and asked us to come inside his house.  He kept reading the introduction and then asked if he could keep the book, so we will see how he ends up being, but he is really interested in the Book of Mormon. 

But it's still hotter than crap.  On Saturday night at like midnight, the electricity went out and it was extremely hot, so I was soaked in sweat for a solid two hours before I decided to take a shower at 2 am, then finally the lights came back.  That was miserable.  ENJOY A/C PEOPLE!!!  But not much more to say this past week.  Did some baptism interviews and yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

But, also, Happy Birthday, Lauren, yesterday!  I can't believe you're 15 and how fast you are growing up!  You are a great example to every single one of us with your dedication to your dance and education.  I hope to have that dedication to my schooling when I get home.  You might need to help me out a bit though:)

 (Elder Copeland's sister, Lauren)
Well, I will try to do better next week.  Enjoy your week, and I love you guys!  Can't believe I'm coming up on a year...

Also, I caught a lizard this past week!

Elder Copeland

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