Monday, July 6, 2015

Forty-eighth Week - June 22, 2015


Well, I'm sure you all remember when Lloyd gets robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorized cart.  Ya, well on Saturday night, I was at the church filling up the baptismal font for a baptism, and I went to go and sit on the grass to wait for it to fill up.  Mientras that time, two little 6-year-old girls came up to me and started doing what little kids do.  Turns out during that time one of them took my phone out of my shirt pocket and hid it and were even smart enough to turn it off so I couldn't find it.  Kinda embarrassing that i got jipped by two 6 year olds, but crap happens here in Nicaragua.  Haha... Kinda sad that they are learning to steal at that age, but whatever.

(Elder Copeland wrote:  "The two suspects who stole my phone.  So cute on the outside but so ...... on  the in.")

Also, tomorrow I hit 11 months!  Wow!  Last month before I have a year!!  WOW.  Changes are on Wednesday.  I can't believe how fast that change went!!!   I find out what happens tomorrow, but who knows how since I have no phone.  Oh well, I'll find a way.  I'll get a new phone on Wednesday.

Nothing special happened this week, kinda tough week looking for new people.  We ended up finding a couple, but we will see how they end up doing.  No special stories this week, sorry.

But yesterday was Father's day, so Happy Father's day, Dad.  Your'e one incredible dad, and I am beyond blessed to have you as my dad.  You've been a great example to me for my whole life in every aspect, and hope one day I can become like you.  From day one, you have been there for me, and I will be forever in your debt.  I have always respected my parents, but out here on the mission I have gained a true love and respect for my parents and all that I have been provided in my life.  I found a quote that I really like to send to you dad.

"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person.  He believed in me." -you have always believed in me in everything I do, for example golf.  I owe my success in golf to you for you believing in me, simple as that.

We have had countless memories that I will never forget, and countless more to go.  Love you, Dad.  Thanks for everything.

Hope you all have a good week.  I'll let you know next week what happens with changes

Love you all,

Elder Copeland

 (Elder Copeland with an even larger lizard on his nose than last week's lizard!)
 (Elder Copeland's lunch on Friday.)

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