Monday, July 20, 2015

Fifty-second Week - July 20, 2015

Well, on Thursday I will hit one year... 

Can't believe it!  Time has gone by extremely fast, and I can't imagine how fast year two will go... I have a long ways to go in all aspects of my life, but I'm giving it my all.

This past week we had a multizona in Managua.  We got to watch Meet the Mormons.  I kinda fell asleep cause I am honestly dead at all times.  But for the parts I did see, it was pretty good.  I saw the SLC airport.  That was cool.  We did a bunch of baptism interviews and visiting of all other investigators from my district.

In my pictures, there is the one of the giant spider.  We got into our house on Thursday, and I went to get a drink and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something black move.  I looked over and saw that, honestly the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life and even worse, it was in my house!  

The other picture is of the lake.  We went over there and played soccer today.  Itss a really ugly lake, but the island in the middle supposedly is incredible.
Hazzel should be getting baptized this week. She's awesome.  She brought her mom to church on Sunday and she loved it.  We will see what happens with her.  We are getting ready to go to her house.  We have quite a few other really positive people that are almost ready for baptism.  The blessings and miracles continue to come. 

We are so blessed to have this gospel in our lives, and it is making me into a better person. I love this gospel.  I love my mission and I love you guys.  Thanks for all the support and love.  I will TRY to have a more detailed e-mail next week.  Sorry, I've just been really busy with my area and ten other missionaries to deal with.

Love you,

Elder Copeland

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