Monday, July 13, 2015

Fifty-first Week - July 13, 2015

The weeks are just getting faster and faster. 

This week was pretty good.  We  spent a lot of time out of the area helping all the other missionaries and doing some baptism interviews.  The district is kinda struggling right now, so we had to go and help them out.

I'm starting to recognize little small miracles that happen everyday--from making a person smile to finding one of God's prepared children.  A lot of the times all we do is recognize the big miracles like Dad and the story of Maria.  But I now am realizing that those don't happen everyday, so I've started to focus in on what happens during the day, and the days are just filled with miracles and blessings that I haven't ever recognized.  But really every day is a blessing itself that brings miracles.

It's crazy to think, but we are Gods in the embryo.  Just think about that... Life has three different estates, pre-mortal, mortal and immortal.  We all kept our First Estate and now we are in our Second Estate (mortal).  If we keep our mortal estate, eternal life awaits us.  We go through numerous experiences here in the earth life "to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them."  We have mortal bodies so we know that we passed the First Estate.  In our First Estate (pre-mortal), we had spirits and we went through a long period of growth and development and training and all passed it successfully, We were all admitted to the earth.  One definite purpose of our spirits coming to the earth was to obtain a physical body.  This body was to be subject to ALL weakness, temptations, frailties, and limitations of mortality, and was to face the challenge to overcome self.  While we lack recollection of our pre-mortal life, before coming to this earth ALL of us understood our purpose of being here.  On earth, if we prove worthy... we eventually can have exaltation in God's kingdom.  This is a little part of my book that I am reading.  The church is actually super cool and very interesting.  And more than anything, it gives us hope. 

About two weeks ago, we were just walking in the streets, and we walked past a house and I got a pretty big impression to contact it, but I ignored the prompting and kept walking. About an hour later, that house couldn't leave my mind.  So we went back and these people are incredible--especially the daughter, Hazel  (15).  She accepted to be baptized the first visit and has gone to church two weeks straight.  Well, no more time.  I'll tell the story next week.
Love you all and enjoy your week in the AC..

Elder Copahland (That's how Nicas say my name.)

 (Elder Copeland has a new friend!)


 (The view from Elder Copeland's house.)

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