Monday, July 6, 2015

Forty-ninth Week - June 29, 2015

Well, there goes June... JULY!!!

This week was quite a crazy week.  I have a new companion, Elder Jensen from Logan.  He has one less change than I do.  We have been working crazy hard this past week.  Also, there are now 12 missionaries in my district, it's giant!!!  Six Elders and six Sisters.  So, we had to find a house for the new sisters and at the moment the two new elders are living in my house.  So, it's been crazy with 12 missionaries in my district and trying to get everyone all situated.  I can't believe that I am in my 3rd change in Rivas!  I've really liked this place a lot (but it is brutally hot).  We will see how much longer I am here.

(At a baptism, they didn't have a knife to cut the cake, so Elder Copeland improvised and used a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.  It worked!)
We found some pretty solid people this past week.  We will see how they progress this week.  But I just got back from Jinotepe for a baptismal interview, so I'm sorry I can't write anymore today.  I hope you all enjoy your week.  Remember to serve people, even something little.  Just do it!   You'll recognize the differencia in your lives.  Because we have been given much we too must give.

This is my new district. Distrito Rivas!

Elder Copeland

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