Monday, June 6, 2016

Ninety-eighth Week - June 6, 2016


Well, this week was pretty good.  It rained every single day this week so that was nice that it wasn't so hot, but we got soaked everyday haha.  Changes were on Wednesday.  Elder Merrill left, I miss him so much.  We are best friends.  

I stayed here in Sandino as a ZL for my last two weeks.  My companion is Elder Heileson haha!!! We were so excited when we found out. 

 (Elder Copeland stated:  "These are some converts of mine.  It was the mom's birthday last night. They invited us over.")

Yesterday morning we left the house at 7am to go and bring all of our investigators to church.  At 7:15, it started to pour and here when it pours, the streets turn into rivers haha.  (The water was up to our shins.)  So Elder Heileson and I sacrificed a lot just to bring people to church yesterday.  We like hired a moto-taxi guy to take everyone.  It non-stopped poured from 7:15 am til 1 pm.  We couldn't have gotten more wet.  We got to church at like 8:50 am with 5 people to find that we were the only people in the whole chapel haha....  It was bad, but like 70 people ended up coming.  I bore my testimony for the last time in a Sacrament Meeting on my mission, bittersweet moment.

P.S. *Dad, if you have a hernia please get it taken care of this week so that you can come to the airport like a normal person:)  (Just in case you don't remember when Taylor came home.)   Hahaha

Elder Copeland

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