Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ninety-seventh Week - May 30, 2016


What's up ladies?  This week was super crazy.  Good in lots of ways and super frustrating in lots of ways.  But hey, it's important that there is an opposition in all things right? 
But good news, my convert Gustina from La Borgoña (my second area) just went to the temple.  So awesome!  So proud of her.  I still remember the first day that I contacted her.  I wasn't even contacting.  It was my first day in the area and I was looking for my lunch cita and the Lord put her in my camino.  She was a person that was very ready to have the gospel.  So awesome to see how the Lord works.

But this week we ended up baptizing three.

Yesica, we married her on Wednesday and then baptized her on Saturday.  She is super awesome and was put into our path.  On April 23rd at around 8:30 pm, my companion and I went all day trying to commit people to come to church, but no one wanted to go.  It was a rough day, and out of nowhere I saw a lady with three little kids walking on a super dark street.  I felt prompted to go and help her.  So I decided to go and turn my flashlight on and help her to where she needed to go.  Ever since that moment, she went to church with us, and this past week she got married and we baptized her.  Once again, the Lord put someone in the path for us.

Jose y Julissa, they are a young couple.  They are both 19.  They just had a baby one month ago.  They are super cool.  It was a long process to baptize them because Julissa was never inscribed in Nicaragua, so basically she didn't even exist.  So we had to get a lawyer and do a big process to make her exist.  This past week, they got married and baptized. 

Disapointments this week:

Mislady, Nohelia, Brenda y Anielka were also supposed to get baptized this past week. They were all ready until Thursday... They just couldn't take the mocking from their neighbors and family.  It's sad to see here all of the mocking and everything.  Makes it really hard for people.  But the right path is never the easiest.  Shows that they don't have a testimony yet. We are still working with them, hoping they don't fall.

Thursday, Elder Hironaka came and we went and visited all the possibilities for the week.  It was good.  A few frustrations, but it was good.

Today, my companion and I went to President's house for a BBQ.  The most successful Zone and the best baptizers from each Zone went.  Our Zone didn't win, but my companion and I baptized the most in our Zone this month.  It was fun.

(Elder Solis and Elder Copeland at the BBQ)
(Elder Jungers and Elder Copeland)

On Wednesday we have changes.  I'm not sure if they are going to change me for my last two weeks or not..  I hope not, but we find out tomorrow.  On Thursday,  Elder Merrill leaves.  Can't believe it.  We are best friends. 

"God's timing doesn't have to make sense, but it is still perfect.  Trust Him beyond your own understanding!"

Love you all, Have a good summer week.

Elder Copeland

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