Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ninety-fifth Week - May 16, 2016


We had a pretty good week in our area.  We have the possibility of having six baptisms in our area this coming Saturday. But we need miracles.

-Rosa, she can't really walk, she is 45 has 3 kids and they don't even come to see her.  She lives in a little metal shack and has absolutely nothing, but is one of the most humble people that I have ever met.  Yesterday in church, we gave her a blessing and she said she hasn't had physical strength like that in 15 years. cJust watching her try to walk hurts. cWhen we bring her to church, we bring a member that has a car and bring it all the way to her gate and we bring a chair and have her sit down on it.  Then we pick her up in the chair and carry her to the car.  It's a special experience.  But anyways, she will be getting baptized this week.  Pray for her.

-Maritza y Betania.  It's a mom and her 17 year old daughter.  Maritza works as a nurse and is super awesome.  About one month ago, her husband left her.  She really wants to do it but is kinda struggling with café.  Her daughter, Betania, is super awesome and there aren't any problems with her.  She's kinda shy.

-Rosalia, she's 74 and can't walk at all.  Super funny lady. 

-José y Julissa.  They are a young couple.  They need to get married, but Julissa isn't inscribed in Nicaragua, so right now we are working on getting her birth certificate and Cedula and all that stuff so that they can get married.  She also just had a baby like a month ago.

Pray for all of them, please.  We need help to get them baptized this week!!

This week we also had interviews with President that went well.  Elder Heileson and I left the area everyday this past week to go and help with all the possibilities around the Zone.  It was super frustrating seeing some of the decisions that some people make, but I'm just staying positive and working hard.

"When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives."

Elder Copeland

P.S.  This picture is of me right now.  We are in the internet cyber and its soooooooooo freaking hot.  It's 100% pure sweat...

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