Monday, May 23, 2016

Ninety-sixth Week - May 23, 2016

Hey, its me. 

Still hasn't hit me at all, but I can't believe that I am coming home in three weeks.  So crazy. This week was a super good week.  We had four baptisms in our area.  

We baptized:

Betania; she is the super short one with her mom in the picture.  Her mom was going to get baptized with her, but she has some doubts.  We are working for this week.  But Betania is 17 and super awesome.  She invited some friends to her baptism; they all made fun of her for going to the "Mormon Church," but she said that going to church and reading the Book of Mormon makes her feel good so she didn't care what they said to her.

Jessica; she is the other teenager and is 15.  She goes to seminary and everything; she is super awesome.

Rosa; she is 45.  She looks like shes a lot older.  She used to have a really rough life.  Her family doesn't even talk to her.  She can barley even walk.  We baptized her in a chair.

Rosalia; she is 75.  She can't walk at all.  A couple years ago she fell into a ditch and is basically paralyzed from the waist down, and she still has a broken wrist.  As you can see in the pic, her hand should be the other way.  It's just dangling there.  We also baptized her in a chair.

On Thursday, we had consejo at President's house.  It was my last time going.  It was a good time.  We got to eat SubWay, soo good.  After that we went around the Zone visiting all of the possibilities.

Saturday we had our baptisms, and Sunday we did the normal:  Leave the house super early and go look for all our investigators.

This week we are marrying a couple but only the wife is getting baptized.  I had to do a bunch of stuff for them this past week.  I had to go to Managua to get both of their birth certificates taken out, and we had to get her a new cedula  because hers got stolen and now I have to pay for their marriage haha.  So sorry, Mom and Dad, but that's why I took some money out.

We could have a super super successful week in our area.  Please pray for the following:
Yesica, Maritza, Mislady, Anielka, Brenda, Nohelia, Jose y Julissa.

Yesica is the lady that is getting married.
Maritza is the mom of Betania.
Mislady is the mom of Anielka.  Brenda y Nohelia are her sisters.  They all really want to do it but are having some problems with coffee.  Mislady is trying to kick her partner out of the house so that she can get baptized.  They are super awesome.  Please pray for them!!
Jose y Julissa - we need to marry them, also...

We have lots of work to go.  I love you guys.  Cant wait to see you all soon.

Have a great week.

Elder Copeland

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