Monday, January 12, 2015

Twenty-fifth Week - January 12, 2015

Another week gone just like that...  

This past week was pretty good.  I didn't get transferred thank goodness, but I made it through another transfer.  4 down, 13 to go.  I downloaded a conference talk from Richard G. Scott called, "The Transforming Power of Faith and Character."   It was absolutely amazing!  One little part that I liked was, "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become".

(Click on the link above to listen or read the talk Elder Copeland is referring to.)
On Wednesday, we got kinda lost.  We got on a mototaxi and told him to take us to an area called Pablo Calerdo.  He took us a different way that we have never been before.  When we got there, he told us to get out.  We had absolutely no idea where we were so we just walked on the dirt path for about an hour... we found ourselves at the Masaya Volcano haha... At least we got some sweet pictures!  

But like an hour and a half later of walking, we found the house!  This lady is super positive.  She came to church yesterday with her two daughters which was awesome.  When we go there to this area, I call it, "Jurassic Park," cause all the trees and stuff.   But there are BILLIONS of pineapples here.  It's awesome.  On Thursday, we went to "Jurassic Park" again and on the way back there were guys putting pineapples in the back of a pick up, so I asked if they needed help.  We put 400 pineapples in the back of this pick up, and this area takes like 40 minutes to walk to, straight dirt roads. 

Something cool that happened, walking back we stopped at a pulperia to buy a drink and behind me were two little girls, so I told them to give me stones.  One of them kinda hesitated, but did it really fast and in the split second, I noticed that she was wearing a CTR ring.  I asked her if she was a member.  She had no idea what our church was, so I asked her where she got it.  She told me her dad bought it for her.  So I told her to take me to her house.  We walked to her house and her dad was busy, so I asked him where he got the ring.  He said from his brother's ex-girfriend... I told him that the ring was of our church.  He asked me what the HLJ (Haz Lo Justo) stood for.  And before we left his house, I asked him one question. "If you had the opportunity to ask God one question, what would you ask him?"   (I love asking that question to everyone.)  He responded, "What do I need to do to be saved?"   "Perfect question," I responded.  Conversation went on.  He said he wanted a Book of Mormon, so I told him I would bring him one the next time we went over. 

On Saturday, we went back.  He was kinda closed and didn't want to talk, but I wouldn't let him leave.  He said he prayed but didn't receive an answer, so he doesn't want to talk anymore, and he said he has his Bible and doesn't need anything more.  So we read 2 Nephi 29.  I kinda had to challenge him a bit.  He finally told me that this is probably his fault of knowledge and that he would keep reading and praying.  So we will see what happens with him, but I believe I saw the little CTR ring for a reason... 

So that basically sums up my week.  We also have a baptism this Saturday which is awesome!  I hope you're all doing well and happy birthday, Kade, on Wednesday!  I can't believe you're 16...

Love you all and thanks for all the support.

Elder Copeland

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