Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fifty-sixth Week - August 17, 2015

Well... there goes another week! 

It was an insane week, super stressful.  I only worked in my area twice the whole week.  We went out to visit all the possibilities for the district and to do interviews and stuff, 
 (Elder Copeland and his companion are District Leaders in this district.)

As a district we had six baptisms on Saturday, which was awesome, and we got three in my area! Nathalia, she's super awesome and will be a great convert; Kevin, he's super cool; his sister is Hazzel that got baptized like three weeks ago.  It'll be tough to keep them active cause his mom and uncle aren't the best examples at home; and Reyli, his family is super inactive, but he's awesome.  

On Sunday, we were at Kevin's house waiting for him to get ready for his confirmation, and it came to 9 am when we were leaving his house and he lives like 1.5 miles from church, so we hurried and got a taxi and dropped Kevin and Nathalia off at the church so they could get confirmed.  As I walked in the chapel, Reyli was sitting there all by himself!  He went by himself!  That's a straight miracle here in Nicaragua!!!  So thank goodness they were all confirmed.  I never thought the mission would be so stressful.  Pero vale la pena!

Also, I can't believe it was Dad's birthday this past week again.  I was in the MTC for his bday last year, and it already happened again, crazy.  Hope you had a good day.  You're salvaje!!!

One thing I learned and gained an appreciation for this week was the support from my family.  Here, people's families don't support each other at all.  It's so sad to see.

One thing more.  I saw a dicho this week in an artice, "LIFE IS HARD, THE GOSPEL ISN'T." Think about that this week.  LIFE IS HARD, THE GOSPEL ISN'T.

Have a good week and enjoy school.

Elder Copeland
 (Elder Copeland sent a picture of his closet.  One thing hasn't changed on his mission which is so good--he loves organization and keeping his room and belongings tidy.)

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