Monday, October 19, 2015

Sixty-fifth Week - October 19, 2015

Well, there goes another week.  Can't even remember what happened.
Monday night we had a little Noche de Hogar in the chapel with some of our super awesome investigators (picture).  We watched, "The Testaments."  It was super awesome. 


Wow, sorry super blank right now is my brain. 
So, I'll just talk about our investigators.  The record in this area is 4 baptisms in a month.  Right now we have two and have four possibilities for this Saturday!  One of them is Perla.  She's like 24.  She is super awesome--no problems.  She will be baptized.  We, also, have Ana, Alfredo and Francis (the lady that I told you guys about last week.)  Well, they have gone through a bunch of crap for listening to the Mormon missionaries--from losing friends and family relationships to people cutting their power and water, and now, today losing their house.  So many people hate us here, don't know why haha... But they have received so many problems, but Francis has been battling through it.  She is so awesome!  Alfredo is 12, so he doesn't really care, but he reads the Book of Mormon picture book all day haha.  And Ana has kinda been struggling a bit with all the stuff that has been going on.  We have been working and praying a lot for them, but it has been tough.
Today around 2 they called us and told us that their aunt came from Managua last night and told them if they are going to get baptized in the Mormon church, they have to leave the house (keep in mind they have nothing).  So Elder Merrill and I rushed to their house to see what we could do.  Francis told us, "In the morning, we are going to the government to see if they can give us some land so we can build a house, even if it is made out of plastic."  She is so awesome and has a lot of patience and will do anything! 
Well, that's about it.  We will see what happens with them this week.  PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM!!  ANA. ALFREDO. FRANCIS and PERLA. 
Love you guys.

Elder Copeland

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