Monday, October 12, 2015

Sixty-fourth Week - October 12, 2015

Well, there goes another week.  It was a good week, we had two more baptisms.

On Wednesday, we had a baptism, Fernanda.  It was her birthday.  She was turning nine and wanted to get baptized on her birthday.  Her whole family are members.  She just hadn't been baptized yet, so we gladly did it.  She's super cute.  I baptized her.
 (At the baptism of Fernanda.)

On Thursday, Merrill and I got up at 2 am because we had a Multi-Zone Conference in Managua, so we had to go pick up all the missionaries in Rivas then come all the way back to Jinotepe to pick up the rest of the missionaries.   Then we were off to Managua.  It was good.  We didn't get back til 10 pm because we had to go drop off all the missionaries in the Zone.  It was a long day.  Also, Merrill and I taught a workshop called El Embudo (the funnell).  It's basically the steps you need to follow so that we can teach better and find the needs of the person and most importantly, teach with the Spirit.  After Sister and President Russell spoke to us, we did some activities.
Some things Sister Russell and President talked about:
1- Change your heart
     -Have a repentant and obedient heart
     -Daily steps of obedience will NEVER leave you astray
2- Never give up
     -The Lord has given us sufficient opportunity and resources to accomplish anything we want to do here.
3- Always remember Him
    -Ask Him.  He will always help
    -One key for success in your mission is desperation
    -When we are desperate, everything changes.
    -We have to have the determination to do what He wants us to do.
Scriptures to strengthen our Faith
1- Mark 9:23
2- Luke1:37
3- Mark 10:27
4- Isaiah 41:10
5- Mark 11:24
6- 1 Nephi 3:7
7- Romans 8:31
8- Alma 36:3
9- Genesis 18:14
10- 1 Nephi 17:50
On Friday, I went down to Rivas to their District Meeting and to visit their possibilities to make sure everything was good and ready for baptism.  Kinda forgot how hot Rivas is haha... Got back that night around 7.  My second day in this area we contacted a house and talked to a guy named Dario.  He's an alcoholic but came to church with us that Sunday.  We visited him that same Sunday that he went to church and he told us that he has a cousin that is coming to live with them cause she and her husband were having some problems.  So we met her that next week.  Her name is Francis.  From day one, she was awesome.  She's 24, has two kids and quit school after second grade.  Well lately, her husband has been telling the police and stuff that she is doing stuff to her baby and all that stuff.  So on Wednesday, she went to talk to a judge to be tried to see if she was guilty or not.  Judge proceeded to ask her something along the lines of, "On Sunday, October 4, it has been stated that you did this and this to your son."  She responded, "I was at the Mormon Church with the Elders listening to the living prophet and Apostles (General Conference).  The judge responded, "What are the five things Mormons don't drink?"  She answered perfectly.  She told them everything that she remembered about the church; from the First Vision, Book of Mormon, Jesus coming to America after his resurrection, and that she is learning a lot of things and getting baptized on October 24th.  The judge released her and said that her son will not be taken away. 
When she told us this, she said that somehow everything she has learned came back to her remembrance and she remembered everything.  She said that she felt all calm and confident and the words were just leaving her mouth. I thought that was so amazing.  In fact, it was a miracle.  The Holy Ghost is powerful and I know without a doubt that the Holy Ghost helped her and put the words in her mouth for her that day.  It's amazing to see how much the Lord helps us when we keep His commandments.  And His ways are different than ours.  If she never had these problems with her husband, we wouldn't have ever been able to meet her and help her receive these blessings.
Don't shine so others can see you.  Shine so that through you, others can see Him.
Elder Copeland

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