Monday, February 8, 2016

Eighty-first Week - February 8, 2016

What's up guys?

I don't have much time today, but this week was a pretty good week.  We had two more baptisms!  Meyling, who is the mom of Katherine and Ivania (the two that got baptized last week.  It was her birthday, also.  She wanted me to baptize her.  She turned 27.  She has 5 kids and is 7 months pregnant (almost dropped her when I baptized her...).  She is a very humble lady, super awesome. 

The other baptism was Alison who is 12.  We baptized her two brothers last week.  She's a cutie.

This past week we had Consejo at President's house.  
They raised our Standards of Excellence.  Now daily we need to have 8 lessons with an investigator, 5 convert/less active, and 26 contacts.  And every Sunday 7+ in church.  It's insane!  Can promise that no other mission works as hard as this one.   Every day is just a battle--against the sun, getting rejected, running away from drunk people, dodging rocks, eating dust, getting mocked at, etc.  Haha!  It's so fun!  Sometimes it blows, I'll be honest, but I love it.  Remember:  Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Family, sounds good.  I will start the Book of Mormon again today.  Let's have a little race to see who can read it first!  When we finish, I will be home:)

Not sure what else to say to you guys.  I'm sorry, Mom, that you're not receiving my e-mails... I still love you.  I'm still alive and I'm still baptizing!  Don't worry about me.  I'm good here in Dinotopia!

Elder Copeland

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