Monday, February 15, 2016

Eighty-second Week - February 15, 2016

What's up guys?  Another week is gone just like that.  Decent week.  

Last week, I forgot to tell you guys that Frederick (my convert from  Granada) went to Honduras this past week and went through the temple.  So proud of him!  He's leaving in a month on his mission.  He is super  excited!  I can't believe that one of my converts already has gone  to the temple and has a mission call.  So awesome! 

We spent most the  week looking for new people, it's tough.  We should have a baptism this  Saturday, Danny, he is 23.   He is super awesome!  Had a couple troubles this past week, but thank goodness, we got it all settled out.  Pray for  him, please. 

I love this gospel so much.  I started reading the Book of  Mormon again this past week.  I am on 1 Nephi 13.  I love the Book of  Mormon, blows my mind how people deny the book.  I love you guys, Feliz  Cumpleaños, Ellie.  Can't wait to get a foot massage soon:)  

Mom, Dad, I hope  you guys have fun in Cali (Dad, golfing at Pebble...)  Have a good time.  Can't wait to hit the links with you again.  Well, gotta go back to the  house to read my scriptures and sweat like a caballo.
Love you all,
Elder Copahland

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