Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Week - July 29, 2014

ONE week in the MTC down... FIVE more to go‏

Well, here I am writing my first ever e-mail, kinda crazy.  I definitely didn´t ever realize how hard a mission was going to be until I got here and I´m only a week out!!  But there is no other thing in the world that I would rather be doing. 

The campus here is beautiful, palm trees and everything, parrots flying everywhere.  It´s on like 90 acres of land and I think just over 1000 missionaries.  It has a huge fence surrounding it with barb wire all along the top, kinda like a prison minus the prison.  But my companion is Elder Casey Kleiner.  He's from Mesa, Arizona.   

(Elder Kleiner and Elder Copeland)

We are both going to the same mission, and I like him a lot!  We get a long really well and he is a very smart kid.  His Spanish is unreal!  I have been kinda hard on myself this first week because the language has been really hard for me so far.  I have kinda been getting down on myself, cause I keep comparing myself to others, especially Elder Kleiner.  But I have been working so hard and I am constantly doing something productive.  I have faith that if I keep working hard and do my part, the Lord will do his.  I miss everyone like crazy!  But I get along with everyone really well here.  

The food here is no bueno.  There are obviously are some pretty good meals but also some terrible ones.  I still eat it cause I know I'm going to eat much worse. There's no A/C here so that kinda bites... but luckily its not too hot here right now.  We have one bathroom for 6 of us and 2 of the elders in our dorm are Mexican, and they don't flush their toilet paper so that's good.  At least I get to take a warm shower.  Sunday was church that was all in Spanish.  I understood nothing.  

Elder Kleiner and I have investigators we teach here and it annoys me so bad because the lady speaks no English and I can understand basically nothing she says.  It frustrates me because Elder Kleiner talks most the time cause his Spanish is so good.  I want to be able to express myself to this lady, but I can't yet.  Every day is jam packed with stuff to do.  I'm really struggling with the language right now.  I can't tell if it is because it's the first week or what, but I'm studying hard.  

I don't have a problem with waking up at all, and I fall asleep so fast at night cause I am so freaking tired.  One thing I have been thinking about is, we never read the scriptures as a family anymore.  You guys NEED to do that everyday.   It'll make your day better every time you do it even if it's just a chapter a day.  

Well, I don't really know what else to say besides I love my mission already.   A quote I was thinking about last night was, "Faith without works is dead."  That really is helping me. 


Well, I have no more time.  I miss you all and love you a lot.

Elder Copeland 

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