Monday, October 20, 2014

Thirteenth Week - October 20, 2014

Well, another month has passed on. . . 3 down!  Crazy!

Well, a lot has happened this week.  It's hard to say about everything, I wish you could all just be here and actually see what it is like in Nicaragua serving a mission. 

I don't know if you guys heard, but there was a big 7.4 earthquake just off the coast in the ocean and in Managua.  I don't know about damage or anything, but somehow we didn't feel it.  We were planning at night and the guy we live with came in our room and asked if we felt it, but we didn't.  I don't know how big it was in Granada, but everyone felt it but us.   Haah.. But one thing about Nica, is sometimes you see the news on, and there is no filter.  They show all the dead bodies and EVERYTHING!  it's horrible!

Last week, I forgot to say something about the golf team.  That's awesome that they destroyed again!  It's crazy that it's been over a year since we won state.  I can remember everything about that like it was yesterday...

Elder Bennett got transferred to Managua, so now it's just Elder Regalizo and me, so i don't have any more English which sometimes bites, but I know it will help me out a lot not being able to speak English at all.  Last Tuesday, it was just Elder Bennett and me, and we went to one of our investigator's houses.  I knocked on the door, the guy answered the door, and he hates us.   He told me she was busy and slammed the door.  I knocked again, he opened it, and started screaming at me.   No idea what he was saying, but it wasn't good, and he slammed the door.  I stayed there and said "Blanca, queremos hablar con usted super rapido."  He opened the door and got right in my face screaming at me.  I was just laughing at him cause he looked like an idiot.  I was just trying to be a little persistent just like Elder Holland told us to be.  Haah hilarous!

About that Junior kid.  He was supposed to be baptized this coming Saturday, but on Friday and Saturday he got drunk and got an earring and didn't come to church. It hurts seeing that, but we are still working hard with him.  He has had a tough life, he doesn't even know who his parents are.  Another investigator, Maria Eugenia, we gave her a Book of Mormon, and I challenged her to read 2 NE 31.  She read the chapter and highlighted all the verses she liked and also wrote a summary on every VERSE!  It was pretty impressive to see this.  She said she believes that the Book of Mormon is true and she really wants to be baptized now!  Pretty cool experience.
(2 Nephi 31 - Nephi talks about why Christ was baptized.)

On Thursday, we watched "Only a Stonecutter," and I saw the Alpine, UT mountains in the background.  I miss the mountains so much.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to give my first blessing.  It was to the mission leader.  I tried my best with my best Spanish, but it was pretty cool.  Here the members don't help us at all, so its kinda tough.  It's all on us!

But anyways, no need to worry about me.  I am all good.  Strugglin' but learning a lot!  I have learned a ton the first 3 months.  I hope everyone is doing good! 

 Love you all,

Elder Copeland

This was from today, a guy in our branch works at some restaurant and made us a specialized burger.  it was the biggest thing i have ever seen.  I almost died.

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