Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twenty-eighth Week - February 2, 2015

Wow, it's already February... 

Time is flying, but I still have a long ways to grow spiritually and personally.  We went to Managua as a district to eat at McDonalds today, so I don't have much time--sorry. 

But this week was super good.  Just a little brief review.  

The highlight of my week, Thursday, we were just 'hiking' through the forest and came upon a house with a few ladies and a million kids, so I said, "Might as well contact this house."  So, short story, we set a baptism date with the 3 moms for the 28th! 

So, to motivate all them to go to church, I bought them a baseball and told them after church we would play baseball with them.  So on Sunday (my area is huge), we had to bring a family to church in an area called San Pedro (way far from everywhere).  We get there and they didn't want to go to church cause they were too tired... so I just said, "Whatever," and went to this other place where all these people were.  We told them we would pick them up at 8:30 for church but showed up at 9... they were all waiting for us to bring them to church! One of the moms told me, "We told the kids that we didn't think you were coming to pick us up, so we should just go to our church," but the kids all told them, "NO, THEY'RE COMING!" Haah so awesome. 

So we took 10 of them to church!!!!  I got my record of 13 investigators at church, so great. So the 3 moms aren't married and all drink coffee just like every other person here... So we have to marry them and everything.  But I really think they will be baptized.  They have great questions and loved the church. 

So after church we played baseball with them for a while.  It was awesome.  We went in some little field, and I bought them a ball because before they used a sock and their bat is just a wooden stick.  But it was soooo fun!  I love them so much!  It really is the SMALL and SIMPLE things that make the difference. 
 (Elder Copeland with the wooden stick the children used for a bat and the ball he bought them to use instead of a sock.)
 (Elder Copeland says this was their winning team!) 

I have learned so much and have much more to learn.  But the church is true, a mission is difficult but the best thing in the world.  If you're having a bad day, just think how blessed we truly are to have what we have.  These people have absolutely nothing! 

(This is the home of one of their investigators.)

Elder Copeland said,
"This is a mototaxi that we ride in everyday.  This was last pday."
 (The mountains--taken on Elder Copeland's last p-day.)

Love you all, sorry that it was short today.

Elder Copeland

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