Monday, February 9, 2015

Twenty-ninth Week - February 9, 2015

Well, there goes another week just like that! 

Sorry, not much time today... But this week was a good week.  We had another baptism. Celfida, she is the grandma of the two kids that were baptized like 2 weeks ago.  When I first met her, she would barley talk, but she's came along way to be baptized. 

On Thursday, we had a Multi-zone Conference and Elder Duncan of the area 70 was there.  It was awesome.  

Here in Nica it is getting hotter and hotter every single day, it's miserable.  Also, this week we didn't have water in the night, so I was lucky enough to shower with the bucket this whole week...:) The water to shower is so absolutely freezing, I have never hated showering so bad in my life, but it's all part of the experience.

(An unspecified spider!)
(Elder Copeland found this little guy, plus this beautiful waterfall on their hike today.)

Baptizing here in my area is always an adventure.  We took like 10 people on the buses with us, so you have to worry about everyone which is kinda stressful.  Then on the way back, we went to the bus stop, and we were waiting for a bus to go the market so we could get on another bus to go back to Ticuantepe.  Most of the buses are card only buses which sucks cause I don't have a card, but a lady had one but had no money, so Elder Page and I ran to a gas station, and they didn't have a place to put money on it, ran to another little store, same thing.. So we ran back to the bus stop and waited another 30 minutes for a bus to finally come.  It's such a hassle to baptize in this area, but we got it done.  We have another baptism this Saturday, also, Flor.  She's the daughter of Celfida.  It's awesome, almost everyone is members in this house now.  We are working with the rest to be baptized. 

Also, this I believe is my last week in this area... everyone is telling me that I am going to leave, so we will see what happens.  But this is the last week of this transfer, so I won't find out for sure til the 17th.  I love this area and the people.  I don't want to leave...

But anyways, sorry it's really short today.  We were busy today.  Hope you all have a good week.

Much love from Nicarauga,

Elder Copeland
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 (Elder Copeland's Mission President's wife sent this sweet e-mail showing how happy he was to get a package.  It just happened to be the one in which the Copeland Family Calendar was inside!  I wish we could have seen his face then!  He was really looking forward to getting it!  Missionaries love packages!)

From the Mission President's Wife:

A picture is worth a thousand words!

This is one happy Elder!  Elder Copeland is a great missionary.  He loves his mission and it shows.

Here he is on Thursday with his companion, Elder Page, picking up a package.


Hermana Russell

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