Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fortieth Week - April 27 201H

Well, I am officially 20 years old… 

Never thought this day would come!  No longer a teenager.  Also 9 months in the mission, man time flies!!!  I remember being in the airport like it was last week, never want to relive that moment again.  But here I am 9 months later--whoo!!

Some events that happened this past week.  On Tuesday night we walked into the house, and I walked into the bathroom and marching through the window were about 300 giant red ants the size of my thumb fingernail..  Here in Nica all the houses are fun-sized and all the bugs are king-sized... hate bugs.  Also, almost got stung by 2 scorpions in the shower.  I thought I was on a mission--not Survivorman!   Haha! 

Also, on Wednesday, a less-active member made me a birthday cake.  

Other than that I've just been sweating out of literally every pore.  Haha!  It's kinda hot and humid.

A cool story.  On Thursday we ran into a family that we were teaching but kinda stopped visiting.  But on Sunday, Alfredo (the dad) came to church.  In Priesthood, we watched part of the Restoration movie.  The whole time I was just praying that Alfredo would feel the spirit. The first thing that he asked me when the movie stopped was, "Where can I buy this movie?"  I told him that we would come to his house that night and finish it.  So last night, we finished the movie.  When it ended. I asked him how he felt during the movie.  His eyes were kinda watering, and he told me that he couldn't describe his feelings or how he felt, but that it was something that he has never felt before, and it was the best feeling in the world.  I responded and said, "Alfredo, those feelings are the Spirit testifying to you that this is the true church and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God and was the Prophet of the Restoration. When I told him that, my whole body was filled with the chills, testifying once again to me the truthfulness of the gospel.  I have received such a strong testimony of the Restoration and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and absolutely translated the Book of Mormon.  I love this book,and the happiness that it brings to one's soul is indescribable.  Keep strengthening your own testimonies every day and we will see countless blessings and miracles in our lives.

Love you guys so much.  Once again, thanks for all the support that you give me.  I could not do this with out you guys.  Have a great week.

Elder Copeland

 Elder Copeland was absolutely thrilled this week  to hear that his cousin (and one of his best friends) just received his call to serve in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia English Speaking Mission.  He will be leaving in August.  One of the things that made this call so special was that it was exactly the same mission that Elder Copeland's older brother, Taylor, served in and absolutely loved.  He served with the Spanish speaking people there.
 In August, there will be two missionaries in the same family.  Elder Parker Wilde in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission English Speaking, and Elder Bracken Wilde in the Australia Sydney North Mission Chinese Speaking.  Those two along with Elder Copeland make three cousins all serving at the same time.  So exciting!
(Always something interesting happening in Nicaragua:  Some bulls running down the street.)

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