Monday, May 4, 2015

Forty-first Week - May 4, 2015

Well, this week went quickly once again, 

but this past week sucked pretty bad according to success.  But wow, we are in May!
Happy Birthday, Hannah, last Saturday!!!  I can't believe that you're 12 years old!  I'm so happy to be your older brother.  You always have a smile on your face and I love you.  Hope that you had a great day!

Sooooooo... what happened this week?  Last Tuesday was officially the hottest day in my entire life.  I literally almost died.  It was so bloody hot!  I didn't stop sweating from 8am-10pm... brutal.  Tuesday, I also worked with Elder Merrill.  We went to go and help out some missionaries in San Jorge.  We had to go and do a baptismal interview, but the kid was at baseball practice, so some guys invited us to play baseball with them.  We absolutely destroyed everyone.  They were all laughing and yelling that the "Predicadores" in white shirts and ties were dominating everyone.  Haha.  I also made some pretty good fielding plays that seriously would have made the Top 10, but here in Nica technology still doesn't exist.   But you can trust me that they were legit.  I, also, rode in a horse carriage for the first time.  

On Wednesday night the power was out, so we were unable to use our fans and we didn't sleep.  I was soaked in my own sweat the whole night cause it was a chilly 93 degrees the whole night... miserable!  On Thursday, I saw rain for the first time in 6 months!  Merrill and I played basketball with some guys in the night for about 20 minutes and I kid you not, I have never sweat so bad in my entire life! Saturday we started a fast for our 4 super positive investigators:  Johnny, Michael, Jose (3 brothers) and for the mom to give us permission to baptize them.  And for Alfredo and his wife to have a desire to get married.  So we went to Johnny's house on Saturday and the mom wouldn't budge and Johnny went all Satanic and said God doesn't exist  and all that crap, so we lost those 3 kids just like that... and then on Sunday, Alfredo's wife got mad and said she doesn't like the church or anything which she has never visited and she denies to get married, so we  lost Alfredo too.  So there goes our 4 most positive investigators just like that..  Honestly the iniquity and the horrible choices that are made here kills me!  So we basically lost every investigator that we have so that is super frustrating, but we are working our tails off still and putting our trust in the Lord.  The fruits will come, I know it!!
Well, this week should be better, I hope!  On Sunday, I can't believe that I am calling again!  I will call around 5pm.  Talk to you guys soon.  Love you all!
Elder Copeland

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