Monday, May 11, 2015

Forty-second Week - MOTHER'S DAY - May 10, 2015

Not much to say since we just talked yesterday, but it was good talking to you guys. 

 (Picture taken by Elder Copeland's family in Utah as they talked to Elder Copeland in Nicaragua.)

 (Picture taken by Elder Copeland in Nicaragua of his family in Utah!)

I love you all and the support that you give me.  I don't have much time, but this past week was good.  Found some new solid investigators.   Just pray for them that they keep a desire to have this gospel in their lives. 

It is extremely hot.  Can't believe we already have talked twice.  It feels like just yesterday I left.  Now I'm coming up on 10 months... Time is quick.  Just gotta take advantage of every moment. 

Today read the story of Nephi when he breaks his bow.  1Ne. 16:18-32  Really pay attention to how good an example Nephi really is to everyone.  

But hope you all have a good week.  Next week I will let you know what happens with transfers.

Elder Copeland

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