Monday, September 7, 2015

Fifty-ninth Week - September 7, 2015

Well, not much time. 

But good hail (Referring to the Hail Mary pass that won the game for BYU against Nebraska)!  Go COUGS!  What a nice win, but too bad for Taysom again....(Taysom Hill out for the season in the first game of the season with a foot injury).

The pictures I sent are of a scorpion that popped up on my desk while studying this past week... We cut off his stinger so he was harmless, but still ugly.

I still got my ice cream.  I buy that every week.  I rotate from cheesecake to chocobon.  It's incredible!
Hno. Pedro used to have a major drinking problem, but 5 years ago he got baptized and married, then his wife died like 3 years ago, and 2 years ago, he went and got sealed in the temple to her.  So he made this painting of him and his wife going to the Celestial Kingdom.  So awesome.  The picture below was taken last Monday at 9 pm and look how bad I am still sweating (my legs).... 


And the racoon.  Just was at some house and we wanted pics with him.


But this week was alright.  We had interviews with President.  Those went super well.   I love that guy!  This week is probably my last week down here in Rivas... time is going super fast!  But sorry it's short, but I got to go.
Have a great week and, "Go Cougs!"
Elder Copahland

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  1. Crazy Elders! Don't they know raccoons carry rabies :)