Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sixty-second Week - September 28, 2015

Well, there goes another week.
But, super pumped about conference this weekend!

This week:

On Tuesday, Elder Merrill and I and all the other ZLs in the mission had a consejo (meeting) at President's house.  There was AC and and I about froze to death... I'm going to die when I get home. 


Wednesday, Elder Merrill and I went to Nandaime to do some baptism interviews.
Friday, we had a Zone meeting and President and Sister Russell came.  It was super good.  We talked a lot about obedience, and a quote that Larry Bird said one time, "I've got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end." That's what I try to do, cause sometimes on the mission you feel like there is no progress or anything but just recognizing if you give it all you got, somehow things will work out.
(On a day that it was raining hard, the Elders were given plastic bags so they could keep on working.)
Saturday, there was some problems with the baptisms in Nandaime, so Elder Merrill and I went out there.  The guy was super drunk at the house and the sisters didn't want to go by themselves, so Elder Merrill and I had to distract him and stuff and talk to him.  It was hilarious!  Hah.
We also had two baptisms!  Alejandra and Eyris.  Alejandra has a sister that is a member and she started bringing her to church and stuff, so we baptized her. And then Eyris is part of a less active family.  It was awesome!
(Baptisms of Alejandra and Eyris)

Sorry, my e-mails are boring.  I just really don't like writing them anymore to be honest.  Haha... 

Elder Copeland

(Elder Copeland sent a very cute little video of the naming of the turtle.  Just click on the link below:)

La Tortuga Copahland
(Everyone has had so much fun as Elder Copeland names all the un-named animals he meets:  "Copahland"--which the Nicas call him.
Included in the list are:
a squirrel
a dog
a turtle
What's next???)

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