Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sixty-Ninth Week - November 16, 2015

Great week!  We had 4 more baptisms! 
-Yahoska, is 16 and a has a kid that's 1 1/2 years old.   She left her boyfriend so that she could get baptized.

-Roxana - her little girl got hit by a motorcycle the day before her baptism and broke her arm.
(Yohoska and Roxana and their daughters.) 

-Marvin and Johana -  they got married and baptized.  Super humble people.  They live rough lives. Johana has two kids in jail (here in Nicaragua if you go to jail, it's something serious because the policia don't do much here).  They don't live the easiest life, a lot of problems.  But anyway, it was awesome to see all of their decisions that they made to get baptized and see the changes that they are making in their lives.

 (Wedding of Marvin and Johana.)


Now we have 8 baptisms this month.  It's a record!  The old record was 4 (set by us last month).  We are working like caballos and doing everything possible to baptize!  Please pray for Daniela, Claudia and Griselda.  Some of our investigators that are super awesome, just struggling with a couple things.
This week we also had interviews with President.  That was good, I love him so much!  I spent the day with Elder Kleiner and Sister Russell doing house checks.  That was a good day talking with them.
But anyways this lady at the cyber (where the missionaries use the computers) is not nice at all.  She said that she is closing so i gotta go.  Sorry... i didnt get to write a lot.  I'll try better next week.
Elder Copeland

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