Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sixty-seventh Week - November 2, 2015

Wow, can't believe that it's already November.
Time seems to just go by quicker and quicker!  Good week, a lot has changed, let's get right to it!
Tuesday, we received the changes.  Elder Merrill left.  He went to Juigalpa (the other side of the country).  We are finally separated after 7 months together... We also continued to look for a house for another new area that night.  We were on a super dark street, spent a few hours looking but couldn't find anything, so we decided to pray.  About 10 seconds after the prayer, a dude was on the other side of the street, put his shirt over his head, and started sprinting towards us.  We took off like a gazelle running away from a cheetah. We have never run so fast in our lives haha.  He chased us for about 10 seconds, also pulled something out of his pocket, but that doesn't matter cause we got away safe and sound:)  It was super scary, but Elder Merrill and I were laughing our heads off when we were getting chased hahahaha... We had so many memories that I will never forget.
Wednesday, we got up at 2 a.m. to go and pick up the missionaries around the zone for changes and then went to Managua.  Got the changes, and we now have 26 missionaries in the zone.  It is the biggest in the whole mission.. a lot of work!  I still have Elder De Leon, but there are two new missionaries here, also.  The new ZL with me is Elder Mataalii from Los Angeles.  He has one transfer more than me.  We have known each other for basically the whole mission.  We get along super well, he is super awesome.  And the other new guy is Elder Isham from Hawaii.  He just got to the mission.  He is a funny guy.
Friday, I went to the District meeting in Nandaime. This whole week I worked with Elder Isham, the new guy.  It was good, just never want to live my first four months of the mission ever again haha.  But you gotta start from somewhere, right?  Elder Kleiner (my MTC comp, the new AP) came down to visit our four possibilities. That was fun working with him, cause last time we taught together was in the MTC and that was brutal hahahahaha... It was cool to see all the progress that we made.  I also saw a lion and cheetah.  That was cool.

Saturday, we had four baptisms!!!  We have been having A LOT of success lately, knowing that this area is known as one of the toughest in the whole mission.  We baptized Bianca who is 9.  Her mom is inactive and her dad is a drunk, but her gma is in charge of the family history.  Our other three baptisms were something that probably rarely happens:  A grandma, her son, and the son's daughter.  So it was a baptism of three generations.  It was awesome and definitely a bendicion de Dios.  Mariana, the grandma; her son, Willy, who got baptized even though he has a broken foot; and his daughter Keyling who's 10 and actually super smart.  I love watching people take the decision to get baptized and have their white ropa on. 

Today, my favorite convert came to visit me.  His name is Frederick.  He lives in Granada (my first area).  That was awesome to see him!  I love that kid and his family! 

Miracle story how I met him.  He lives on a corner of a street, and I had a strong feeling for about two weeks to contact his house, but never did it. Finally contacted it.  He was the only one that wanted to listen to us (although he was studying to become a Father in the Catholic Church).  In fact, he read all of 1 Nephi in one day.  Long story shory, he got baptized last December, but his mom, dad, and sister didn't.  But about 2 months ago, Elder Mataalii, my new comp, was in Granada and teaching them.  Frederick was able to baptize him mom (who used to be a Nun), dad and sister.  I learned that Alma 37:6 is true.  He teaches the Melchizedek Priesthood classes, has his Patriarchal Blessing, been to the temple, and gets his call in December.  And the family is going to the temple to get sealed when he gets home.
I love this work.
Love you guys.  Happy BDAY GPA GEORGE!
(Elder Copeland's Grandpa George celebrated his birthday in Danville with his cousins, Tyson and Preston, and Aunt Alison and Uncle John.)

Elder Copeland

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