Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day Call - December 25, 2015

All missionaries are allowed to call home twice a year--Mother's Day and Christmas.  Elder Copeland's family and grandparents enjoyed Skyping with their missionary in Nicaragua on Christmas.  These are some of the photos of his call:
 It was great for the family to talk to their missionary after six months.  I think he was pretty happy to talk to all of them, too!

 Elder Copeland had a favorite blanket before he left.  Here his dad is showing him how the blanket has fared since he left.

Sadly, it hasn't held up too well, and we may need to make a new one for him when he comes home in six months!
He showed us his name badge . . .

and then showed us his worn shoe.  He has put lots of miles on these shoes and will definitely need a new pair when he comes home.
When asked what he is looking forward to the most when he returns, he remarked, "That I won't have to worry about all the problems of the Nicaraguans that I am trying to help will be on my head."  He truly loves these people and has been working so hard to help them find peace and happiness in their lives through coming unto Christ and through the service he can give.   

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