Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seventy-third Week - December 14, 2015

Well, not much this time this week cause I had to send so many pictures.

But I left Jinotepe... I was devastated, I loved that place and did not want to leave... But here I am in La Ciudad Sandino in Managua.  It's hotter than crazy.  Just imagine the hottest place you have ever been to, then X that by ten, then you have got Sandino...:):) haha... Well, let's get to it...

Monday was a Nicaraguan Catholic celebration, La Purìsima.  They all set up their "Mary statues" and everyone goes to everyone's houses and sings to Maria.  Kinda reminded me of Halloween.  There were fireworks all night long.  It was super annoying.  Talk about idolatry.

Tuesday around one, we got the transfers.  They told me that I was leaving Jinotepe... I was so devastated.  So all day Tuesday we just visited converts, to say bye and stuff.  Never thought I would have ever gained so much love for those people as much as i did.  I hate goodbyes.  Jinotepe by far has been my most successful area.  I was there for only 3 months, but had 17 baptisms.  Miss that place and those people like crazy right now... But oh well, somehow got to make my new area better than last!

 Claudia and Shelsea

 Iziomar and her boyfriend
 Elder Copeland, "This family was the first members in Jinotepe.  The church was in their house.  They washed our clothes."
Julia, the lunch lady
 Sugey and Yessenia who are members
 Fathima and family members 
This is a young man who is a member.
Francis (my convert)
 Andy and  family (my convert and less actives)
 Some ward members
Mariana, Keyling and Willy (my converts)
Bianca (my convert)
 Daniela and Griselda and her twins
Fernanda, (my convert) her mom is a member.
 Familia Medal, who are members
Xiomara and her daughter.  They are getting baptized soon.
 Perla (my convert) 
Soccorro, getting baptized on the 26th
 Manuel de Jesus.  Elder Copeland and his companion found him about two weeks ago.  He loves the church.
 Pura Vida and family who are members.
Obispo Arevalo

Wednesday at 2:30am, we left to go and pick everyone up for transfers.  I didn't even sleep one second that night, so that wasn't fun.  But anyways, I am here in La Ciudad Sandino.  It is in Managua and VERYYYYY poor, and EXTREMELY HOT! ****Like at this moment, I am in an internet cyber and literally dripping in sweat, not cool***  Everything here is ALL dirt. The zone is all Elders cause it is one of the most dangerous parts of all Nicaragua... haha! It's all good.  I have been here only five days and the worst thing I have seen is some dudes beating the living crap out of each other haha... kinda scary but ...  Let us all press on!

Elder Copeland's new area in La Ciudad Sandino in Managua.  "It's super poor.  Straight dirt roads and metal houses."
Elder Copeland states:  "Some of my cute little new friends here in Sandino."

We have just been looking for a bunch of new people cause the other Elders didn't have much.  My new companion is Elder Seneca from Virginia.  I am training him.  My ZL comp is Elder Elison.  We came together.  He is from Hurricane, UT.  Good guy.

Sorry, just don't have anymore time.  But I love you all.

Come what may, and love it.

Elder Copeland

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