Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seventy-ninth Week - January 25, 2016

What's up guys?  Good week. 

Not much time, we don't have p-day again... 

This morning we had a multi mission, Elder Christensen of the Seventy came.  It was good. 

Monday night, I got stoned.  Some dumb teenager chucked it at my back.  Dummy.

Tuesday, I went and did some interviews up in Mateare and visited some of their investigators. 

I should have three baptisms this week, Meyling and her two daughters--Ivania and Katherine.  They are awesome, but this week, her old boyfriend showed up out of nowhere, and wants to live with her again.  On Sunday morning, before church she was crying cause all he has been doing is drinking, and she doesn't want that for her kids or for her. So she said she is going to tell him to leave the house so that she can get baptized this week!  She's so awesome.  Pray for her to have the courage to do it!

(Just as Jesus was baptized to obey God's commandment, each of us must be baptized and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost through proper authority in order to go back and live with him again.) 

I have a new companion--Elder Andino from Honduras.  He has 10 months.  My new ZL comp is Elder Martinez, the old AP.  He is dying this change.  He is super awesome, but ready to go home haha.

Sorry for the short email.  Hopefully we have a p-day next week so that I will be able to write you guys.

Love you,

Elder Copeland

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