Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Seventy-seventh Week - January 11, 2016

What's up, guys? 

Sorry, last week I told you that this week's letter would be better, but I lied.  Today we don't even have a P-day because on Wednesday we are going to La Playa Gigente, close to San Juan Del Sur.  We are going as a mission.  It will be awesome.  We are going because at the start of 2015, President Russell put a goal of 2060 baptisms as a mission, and if we completed, he would take the mission to San Juan Del Sur (super cool tourist place and number one surf place in all Cenral America).  So in 2015 as a mission, we baptized 2,158!!! It was a record!  

All missions work hard, I won't lie, but not like this one.  Here, daily we need to have 7 investigator lessons, 4 converts/less active lessons and 24 contacts and 6+ investigators in church every Sunday!  So you add that all up in one week, that's 49 lessons, 28 converts/less actives and 168 contacts.  Now you wonder why we baptize a lot here.  Other missions you can watch Disney movies, here if you do that Pres just sends you home without exception.  There is a reason behind it why we baptize here, cause, trust me, it isn't easy, at all!  Finding positive people that will actually progress is very difficult.  You have to work like a horse!  If any other mission in the world had President Russell, they would baptize like us.

But, let's see, cool things that happened this week.
Wednesday we were contacting all day and couldnt find jack squat.  I kinda just stood in the middle of the street, and said to myself, "Honestly, where else can I contact?"  I looked across the street and saw a green house, so I said, "Why not.?" A humble mom of 5 kids answered and let us in.  She accepted a baptism date for the 6th of Feb.  They all came to church on Sunday and loved it!  It was a miracle!  Today we visited her, wouldn't stop talking about her baptism and of her 2  daughters that are over 8.  I gave the girls CTR rings for going to church.  They loved them.  Her name is Meyling, she is a 26, single mother, 5 kids. Please pray for her!

Also, I don't know if you guys remember Carlos and Janet from Rivas?  I married them, then baptized Carlos and his 2 kids, but Janet wouldn't get baptized.  On Saturday, Carlos somehow got my number and called me and said that he baptized and confirmed his wife and that he also has the Melchizedek priesthood.  Another miracle.

I love this work with all my heart.  I have many weaknesses, but try to be better each day.
Have a great week.  I'll send you guys the pictures of the beach next week!:)

Elder Copeland

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