Monday, January 4, 2016

Seventy-sixth Week - January 4, 2016

Sorry guys, not much time this week. 

I have to make a zone presentation for consejo de lideres on Thursday.

This week was a good week, we had 2 more baptisms!
Julio- He is like 60 we baptized his daughter and 2 grandchildren.  Now working on the other 7 people in the house.  He is an awesome guy, he used to be a pastor.

Ruth- She is a single mom with 2 kids and used to be a JW.

This week, let's see...

Well, it's 2016.  I can't believe that... I come home this year, crazy!  This whole week we spent finding new people!  After looking all week long, it came to Saturday night and I had 15 people committed--super good!  Sunday morning, I went on divisions with a Returned Missionary, and my comp went with another Returned Missionary to go and wait for our confirmation.  So all in all, we ended up getting 7.  I was so dead from walking so much. 

One of the people that came to church with us is named Flor.  It was her first time coming to a church in 20 years and she loved it.  It was so awesome!  That night we went to all the people that didnt come to church to go and talk to them to see what happened.  One super cool family that we found this week said that this week their pastor came and told them that the Mormons make blood pacts with vampires ahahahahahah!  I have heard a lot of dumb stuff but nothing nearly as dumb as that!  I honestly have no idea how you can think of anything so dumb. 

Sorry about such a short email this week.  I had to do a bunch of stuff.  I will write it out next week.  I promise it will be better. 

Love you all, be careful.

Elder Copeland

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