Monday, March 21, 2016

Eighty-seventh Week - March 21, 2016

What's up, Gringos?!

There goes another week in the books.  If I could explain how hot it is, I would.  No joke, I wake up at 3 am everyday, soaked in sweat... It's miserable haha.  March and April are brutally hot.  But all in all, good week.  We had a miracle baptism.  Today I did my "Trunky Papers." I will be home on June 15!  Crazy...

Monday night.  Well, we have been teaching a guy named Ulises.  He has been going to church the past four years, but couldn't ever get baptized for the law of castidad.  HIs old partner lives under the same roof as him.  She won't leave the house cause she has nowhere else to go.  So he has an extra apartment out back that just got finished.  We told him if that if he goes out back to live, he could get baptized.  He did it in an instant.  So he was super excited after four years of going to church that he could finally get baptized.  He always talks about getting the priesthood and going to the temple!

Wednesday was a rough day... every single one of our citas fell.  Couldn't find anyone to teach and it was also hotter than the sun itself.  At around 6 pm after like the sixth straight cita falling, I bowed my head and started to pray saying, "Heavenly Father, I don't have much time left and there are so many people that need this gospel.  Today I have tried my hardest to find people so that they can follow Thee, but I don't have any results.  Please guide me to someone or someone to me."  So I put my trust in the Lord and stayed positive and kept contacting everyone I saw.  Hour and a half later, nothing.  I completely forgot to verify with our bus driver that was taking us to Managua at 7 am the next day for a multi- zone.  So I sat down on a rock and called him.  

While I was on the phone with the bus driver, a guy came up to us with his five-year-old daughter and said, "Be careful around here at night, it's dangerous," (in Spanish obviously).  I just kinda laughed and responded, "Don't worry about it.  The Lord protects us," and then told him to have a good night and shook his hand and he left.  I finished talking to the bus driver quickly and hung up and said to my companion, "We need to talk to that guy."  So we walked really quickly to catch up to him.  I asked him if he had ever talked to missionaries before.  He said no and that he used to go to a different church, but he just got too confused so he stopped going, but that he was interested in our message.  So I asked if we could go to his house to meet his family. 

We got there.  It's a family of 5, Dad, Mom, 2 sons (13,12) and a five year old daughter.  We started to talk.  They are super awesome but... the dad studies on Sundays, so he can't go to church... I'm not sure if I was supposed to meet this family just to plant a seed or what? But I want to help them.  Please pray for them.

If there is anything that I have learned on my mission that would be, Trust in the Lord's promises.  Keep doing your part and out of no where the Lord will ALWAYS do his!

Thursday we had a multi-zone conference.  It was good.  My companion and I taught a class of committing people to church.  It went well.

Saturday night we had the baptism of Ulises.  The Elders Quorum president baptized him.  It was awesome.  He was beyond happy!  Four years of waiting to get baptized and going to church every week.  Solid guy.  He will for sure go to the temple.

Sunday, Ulises got confirmed.  We passed by his house last night to felicitar him.  He brought out his computer and he was on lds website looking at all the temples that he wanted to go to haha.  Good guy!

Hope you all have a good week.  Love you all!  BTW this week is the hottest week of the year here.

Elder Copeland

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