Monday, March 28, 2016

Eighty-eighth Week - March 28, 2016

Well... another week goes by!  

I heard about the ISIS attacks in Brussells, sad.  But the Lord protects his missionaries, I know that for a fact!  This week was a decent week.  IT'S SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

(A member sent this picture to Elder Copeland's parents  of himself with Elder Copeland.)

On Tuesday, we worked in the morning with a companionship in Mateare.  They are struggling a bit so we are helping them out.  It was alright.  In the afternoon, Elder Carbajal and I went to Managua for a meeting with the Stake Presidency and President Russell.  We waited for an hour at the church, the stake presidency never showed up so we just talked to President the whole time.  It was good.  Than at night time, Elder Carbajal and I went and did two interviews.

Wednesday, Elder Carbajal and I visited possibilities all day long. We went to animate them and to make sure that they were all good for their baptisms on Saturday. 

Thursday night at around 7:30 we had just finished a lesson with Yanin and we had a cita with Rosa out in Pedro Juaquin (super dangerous part of the area).  We started walking over to her house and i heard a clear voice coming from the Spirit:   "Do not go to Rosa's house."  So I trusted in the voice that I heard and didn't go.  I decided to go to some other investigator's house... So the next day at 1 pm we decided to go to Rosa's house.  We got there and I told her sorry that we couldn't come.  She then said to us thank goodness that we didn't come.  She said that at 8 pm (our cita was scheduled for 8 pm also), a gang came out and shot and killed two people right next to Rosa's house.  I know that the Lord was protecting us.  Who knows what would have happened if I didn't listen to the still small voice of the Spirit?  The Lord protects His missionaries!

Saturdays are always crazy, especially on the last Saturday of the month.  Gotta get everyone baptized!  There was an area in the Zone where they had a baptism, but the girl went to León on Friday night and wasn't coming home 'til Saturday night.  So it was 8 pm and she was nowhere to be found.  So I decided to take over.  Got the mom's phone number and started calling her.  She finally answered and said that Andrea (the girl getting baptized) had just got back, but thought that it would be better to do the baptism in the morning.  I convinced her to do it that night.  Asked where she was.. she said La quinta tapa de Nueva Vida.  I sat there with my mouth shut haahahahah cause that's like the Iraq of Nicaragua.  Taxis won't even go there at night time 'cause it's just a battle field.  But I knew the Lord would protect us.  So I spent 30 min looking for a brave taxi driver.  Finally found one and we went to go and pick her up.  She got baptized at 9 pm.  Then we had to go and look for another taxi to take her mom back home.  Haha It was an adventure.  At least she got baptized.

Today Frederick (my convert that is leaving on his mission THIS WEDNESDAY) and Gregorio (member from Granada) came to Sandino and we went to eat pizza.  It was fun seeing Frederick one more time before he sets away on his mission.

(Elder Copeland with Frederick, his convert, who will be leaving on his mission
this Wednesday.) 
 (Frederick with his mission call.)
(Frederick, Elder Copeland, and Gregorio.)

Anyways, have a great weekI have to leave this cyber shop.  I'm sweating too bad.  Talk to you next week.

Elder Copeland

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