Monday, April 4, 2016

Eighty-ninth Week - April 4, 2016

APRIL!  Wow!  Can't believe it! 

I say it every week, but time is flying!  Ten weeks left... Trying to make the best of it.  But it is a super busy week, lots of work.

Tuesday, we had consejo at President's house.  Could have been my last time going to consejo.  I'm pretty sure I'm going back down to DL for my last change.  Consejo is always good and many things learned.  Something that Sister Russell said was, "When the Lord knows that He can trust you, everything is made much easier for us."  President talked about taking advantage of everyday and how it will be worth it someday.  Something that he always tells us is, "The way you serve the Lord on your mission is the exact same way He will serve you after the mission and for the eternities."  Super awesome.  I hope every missionary recognizes that.

Wednesday morning, Elder Carbajal and I went up to Mateare to work.  I worked with Elder Jimenez (DL) and Elder Seneca (my half son).  We basically spent the whole day looking for new people.  We found some super cool people, it was a good day.  That night we slept four people in two beds connected together, that wasn't fun.

Friday we had our Zone Meeting, that went well.  After that we went to eat lunch than came back to the house for a bit to get ready.  Out of nowhere, IT RAINED for the first time in like five months!!!!  It felt so amazing.  Straight bendicion de Dios.

Well 4up and 4down.  Next conference I will be nice and comfortable on my couch:) Conference here on the mission wasn't the funnest.  If you didn't have four investigators you weren't allowed to go... So in October, I won't have to worry about that:)  But I never noticed the importance of Conference until I came on my mission.  It's sad seeing the members only go on the Sunday morning session and to nothing else.  Probably the last time seeing Pres. Monson, sad.  Love that guy!

Just a few little liners that I really liked:
-You can have what you desire, or you can have better.
-Drawing nearer to the Lord, causes us to change.
-Priesthood power
-The best leaders are also the best followers
-Regardless of your calling, you're always a leader and follower whether we recognize it or not.  People are watching us.
-Be happy, choose happiness
-His work is our work
-Wherever you go, your Priesthood goes with you
-He will not rescue us against our will
-The Lord blesses those who want to improve
-Sanctify yourselves today, and the Lord will do wonders unto you tomorrow.

Have a great week.  Love you all.

Elder Copeland

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