Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ninety-second Week - April 25, 2016


Well, yeah, I turned 21 this week.  I don't really like birthdays anymore, I don't want to get older.  But, yeah, my ZL Comp Elder Carbajal is gone and also my normal comp Elder Gomez.  My new ZL comp is Elder Heileson.  We came together, he's from Utah.  We are good friends, other than that--he is a Ute--I like him a lot.  He is Elder Merrill's old companion.  My new normal comp is Elder Solis from El Salvador.  He has four months.  He's cool, we get along. 

I also completed 21 months in the mission this past week.  It's super weird that it is coming down to the end, but it was a super crazy week.  I left my area everyday this week trying to go and help other missionaries around the Zone.  This week I worked like a horse.

(Part of the area where Elder Copeland serves.)

Monday night we had a Family Home Evening with a super cool family that are members with Jose that I told you about last week.  We got him a cake cause it was his birthday.  We watched the John Tanner video.  When Jose saw the cake, he started to cry. 

He said that no one has ever bought him a birthday cake in his life.  He was super happy.  He is super positive and came to church again yesterday.  The only problem is that he and his partner don't want to get married.  Here, no one wants to get married, pretty annoying.

Tuesday afternoon I went to my convert Meyling's house.  She is the one that just had twins last week.  She is 27 and now has 7 kids, the oldest one is ten.  She is a single mother and doesn't work.  We were just sitting in her house and in the house there is only one bed.  So I asked who stayed in the bed with her.  She said she and the two new babies.  I then asked, "And the other five kids?"  She responded, "They sleep on the ground..."  My heart just dropped, so sad... Mom and Dad, when we come here in July, we will be buying two mattresses for the other five kids so they don't have to sleep on the dusty concrete floors... We are so blessed to have what we have.  They literally have nothing.  I brought them five bags of Top Ramen on Saturday so that they could eat.

Wednesday, Elder Heileson and I went all day around the Zone to animate all the possibilities and stuff.  Like a week ago, I had a feeling to go and visit one person that was supposed to get baptized like two months ago but something happened so she didn't do it. So we just randomly showed up at her house and we convinced her to get baptized.  So she got baptized, super awesome.

Friday I turned 21.  I can officially say out of all my 21 birthdays, Friday was the first time I didn't do a single thing for me.  That's what made my birthday so good, forgot about myself and helped other people come unto Christ.

(The color of the moon on Friday.)

Saturday.  At around 5 pm, I got a call from one of the companionships that was supposed to have a marriage and afterwards a baptism, but the lawyer, wasn't answering her phone (he said he called her 20+ times...) and she was supposed to be there an hour earlier.  So I just said a little prayer saying, "Heavenly Father, I have literally done everything I can this week to get this lady baptized and married.  Please help me find this lady."  So I called her, and she answered.  I told her I would be waiting on the corner of the market for her.  I went hauling to the market and sat there and waited.  She showed up like 30 min later.  I then took the lawyer all the way to the house of the people that were getting married.  What we do to baptize............. That's just a long story short.  Things we do can't be put into words.

Sunday, I brought two new people to church that I found this week.  Super awesome!

Well, I got to go and run to a different cyber so that I can send you guys the pics.  I love you all and thanks for the birthday wishes. 

The choices we make determine our destiny... "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong."

Elder Copeland

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