Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ninety-first Week - April 18, 2016

Well, there goes another change. 

I am in my last full change, can't believe it!  I am staying here in La Ciudad Sandino.  I'm fine with it.  It'll be my 4th change here.  I will be staying here as ZL.  My ZL companion E. Carbajal is leaving and my normal companion E. Gomez is leaving.  So it's going to be all new this week haha.

Tuesday at around 2 pm we were just contacting and I have just been praying to find someone positive.  We were waiting for one of the APs to come to my house so that we could go and visit all the possibilities around the zone.  So I said to my comp, "Let's just contact one more house and we will see what happens.  I saw a little house not too far out of my sight.  So we went and contacted the guy.  His name is Jose and he just turned 31 yesterday and he has a family, not married obviously.  He said has never visited any church in his life, but he has interest in our church.  He committed himself of going to church on Sunday.  I gave him a pair of shoes so that he could go, he only has flip flops.  He doesn't have a job right now, but I am helping him with that right now.  We have got this guy locked down for baptism.  Tonight we are going to have a FHE with his family and some members that live on the same street.  The lady got a cake and everything.  It's going to be awesome. We just need to help him stop drinking and smoking, get him married, then he can get baptized:)  Pray for him, please.   He is sooo positive!  Right after that lesson with him, I went with E. Hironaka (AP) and we went around the whole Zone visiting possibilities.  It was a good time.

Wednesday night I had to go and animate some possibilities in the Zone again, so I wasn't really in my area.

Thursday same thing...

Saturday, we were supposed to baptize a lady named Tamara, but she told her mother-in- law that she was going to get baptized, and the mother-in-law became very upset. So we tried all we could, but she didn't get baptized.  We are going to try again this week.  It's upsetting getting all the way to the fecha of someone's baptism and they fall... not fun... But we did have another baptism--Ivan, he's like 45, such an awesome guy.  I wasn't able to be in his baptism cause I was trying to get everything sorted out with Tamara and never was able to go to his baptism... But he is an awesome guy! 

Sunday afternoon my convert Meyling here in Sandino had twins!

I am winding down to the end, I cant believe it.  So much has been learned and a lot more to go.  Trying so hard not to get trunky or anything.  I'm still working hard.  It's still super hot. This week I thought of something miraculous. Here air conditioning doesn't exist and it's never colder than 85.  You guys remember what a rotisserie chicken is???  The chicken that is on a bar and gets cooked by spinning around all the time?  Well, yeah, I have come to the conclusion that I am just like the rotisserie chicken when it comes to sleeping.  Every 5 minutes I have to rotate to a different position because if not, I will just burn and sweat like a dog.  haha  It's kinda hard to explain the heat.  I thought that I would get used to it.. haha never. 

Quote of the Week:
"If you don't like something, change it.  If you can't change it, change your attitude"

Elder Copeland

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