Monday, March 14, 2016

Eighty-sixth Week - March 14, 2016

There goes another week. 12 more to go... 

This week was alright.

On Tuesday night, we ate some cake because E. Martinez was going home.  Didn't sleep that night cause it was so hot!

Wednesday, I got a few new companions.  My new normal companion is Elder Gomez from Guatemala.  He has 16 months in the mission.  He's super awesome and tranquilo.  My new ZL companion is E. Carbajal from Honduras, good guy.  And his companion is E. Presinal from Dominican Republic. 

Friday... Well, here in Nicaragua.  It's super hard to have spiritual experiences.  For example, every time you get to the most spiritual part of the lesson, something happens... like a dog starts going insane, the people's phone goes off, kids start crying, a dust storm comes and blinds us, drunk guys lose their minds and the list goes on haha.  So, we were teaching a lady named Caren.  We taught her Lesson One (keep in mind that she lives in a metal sheet house), so as my companion was reciting the first vision, right in the middle of it...... the lady's wall from the house collapsed.... haha... Come on!!!!!!  So after the wall collapsed, the Spirit was gone.  Super annoying.  But at least I can say that its happened to me now.

That's basically all that happened.  Sorry.  Not much.  Trying so hard to find people to teach, but agh!  Pray for me to find some family to teach please!

Love you all, 

Elder Copeland

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