Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fifteenth Week - November 3, 2014

Well, hello once again from Nicaragua. 

The rainy hot season is just ending and now getting into the even HOTTER season... This past week was brutal!  I have never sweat so much in my life.  My shirt was constantly soaked.  The thing that is bad about this mission is we get absolutely no help from members, so it's so hard.  But this mission is the hardest working mission in the world, I won't deny that.  We have to teach 11 lessons a day, 7 with investigators and 4 with recent converts or less actives, and 24 contacts a day.  We are like running to our next lesson cause we never have time.  A mission is soo insanely hard, but I know in the long run it will all pay off.  Sometimes I get down on myself cause I want to express what I want to say to them, but I can't!  But I'm trying to get the language more and more.  It comes little by little. 
I don't really have time today, but this past week nothing new really happened, other than I saw a guy get the crap beat out of him in the street.  That was scary cause it was right next to us.
I have been asked like three times by different missionaries what I want to do after my mission, and I say "dentist," and every one of them has said, "If I had to guess what you were going to be, it would be dentist."  Haha.  I guess it's just meant to be.  

But anyways, I don't have a lot to say this week, sorry... But I've struggled in ways the first 15 weeks, trying to find out who I am, but you have to lose yourself to find yourself, and currently I'm trying to lose myself.  It's hard, but I'm doing my best, and I know in two years I'll be a completely new person. 
We got a new investigator this past Monday and he's 17.  He's already almost done with 2 Nephi.  He's a stud and really wants to know if the church is true.  His prayers are so heart felt and his family has a little more money, so this kid is a really intelligent kid.  He went to church with us on Sunday and loved it.  I believe he will be baptized, but we have an appointment with him tomorrow, so I'll let you know next week what happens.
Well, just know I'm trying my hardest and just smiling at the people and trying to bring this gospel into their lives cause everyone needs it!  Sorry my email is horrible this week.  I'll have a better one next week, but love you all.  Thanks for the love and support.  It means the world to me.
Elder Copeland

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