Saturday, September 13, 2014

E-Mail from Elder Copeland's Mission Mom - September 13, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Copeland,

I spoke with Elder Copeland this morning and he is happy and doing well.  As I spoke to him, he was being discharged and was headed back home to rest for a day or so. 
He cannot wait to get back to work!
When Elder Copeland arrived at the hospital on Thursday evening, I spoke with him at length and assured him that he was in very good hands with Dr. Abdalah (a church member here in Managua who has an extra love for the missionaries) and Dr. Porras.  President and I know both of them personally and they take wonderful care of our missionaries. You can imagine Elder Copeland was a bit nervous to be in a Nicarguan hospital after only being in the country for one week.  I reassured him Vivian Pellas was the premier hospital in Nicaragua and he would have excellent care.

Here is a photo of  Elder Copeland when I visited with him yesterday morning around 11:30. It was right before his personally selected lunch arrived.  He was very happy for the chance to eat steak.  
 The second photo is of  Elder Copeland with his companion and Zone Leader, Elder Regalizo.  Elder Regalizo spent the evening with Elder Copeland in the hospital. The hospital room was a bit on the cool side and I mentioned it.  A big smile crossed Elder Copeland's face and he told me: "Ahh, It feels so good. I love it. At home I always like to sleep with it cool."  I told him to enjoy the moment!
Elder Copeland and I had an opportunity to talk for a good while.  He told me all about his family. He told me his older brother served a mission (or is serving a mission), that his younger brother was a football player, his one younger sister was an excellent, championship dancer and his youngest sister was a cheer leader.  He is very proud of his family.  I believe serving a mission only deepens a missionary's' appreciation for his family.

Elder Copeland  told my that your family has traveled a great China, England, Paris. We spoke of how traveling abroad opens our eyes to the blessings we have in the United States.  I mentioned how actually living here, in Nicaragua, he can now completely understand what his seminary teachers and parents meant when they said that he is so blessed to live in the United States.  I mentioned the opportunities that have been his; including having a wonderful family and great opportunities for education.  And I reminded him that Heavenly Father will expect him to use all his gifts, for the rest of his life, to continue to build His kingdom.  Elder Copeland agreed.  He told me that in one week, he has realized how very blessed he is and that he imagines in two years he will feel it even more.

Please know that we are taking good care of Elder Copeland. He is anxious to get back to work and we need him! If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for raising such a wonderful son who is willing to serve the Lord here in Nicaragua.  We are happy he is here.

Hermana Peggy Russell
Nicaragua Managua Sur

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