Monday, September 15, 2014

Eighth Week - September 15, 2014


Well, I don't think the first week and a half could get any harder or crazier.  As you know, I had to spend 2 days in the hospital because of some foot infection I got from a bug while sleeping.  It was pretty bad.  At some points I could barley walk.  I thought it would go away by itself thinking that it was just swollen from the bite, but luckily I went to the hospital or who knows what would have happened?!  Right when I got to the hospital, they took me into a room and wanted to see it.  I took my shoe off and showed them, and they immediately got a different doctor in and he took a look at it and told me I had some infection.  No idea what it was called, then put me on an IV, some weird name.  Luckily the hospital was nice!

So, I spent 2 days in a hospital bed and barley got any sleep cause they came and put a new IV in and checked my blood pressure.  That part sucked, but I had AC.  It was AMAZING!!  I put it to 65 cause I knew it wouldn't last long.  And they fed me well which was nice to have some normal food.  

But, now I'm out of the hospital and back to work.  This first part of my mission couldn't get any harder, but I'm hanging in there and not giving up.  I know that it can only get better. But on Sunday we had no investigators at church.  That's really annoying.  President Russell was at our church, and we talked to him.  He said this is the hardest area in the mission to baptize and said if we can baptize in this area we can baptize anywhere.  The language is hard, but I'm working hard to learn it as fast as possible. 

I'm so happy to hear BYU is doing unreal.  It's sad that I'm missing it all though.  Here in Nicaragua we don't knock on doors.  We stand by the front door and say "Buenas" and they come to the door.   One thing I forgot to say last week was when we were on exchanges the day before we got our companions, I was with the missionary that is now the AP.  He's from Salvador.  I like him a lot.  We walked to a member's house and the parents were sick and needed a blessing, so I anointed the oil (obviously in Spanish) my very first day.  That was pretty cool!  

Well, I'm doing better.  Thanks for all of the support.

Elder Copeland

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