Monday, September 22, 2014

Ninth Week - September 22, 2014

Two months down.  

Days go by slow, but weeks go by way fast!  Feels like just yesterday I was getting dropped off at the airport, time goes by fast, and before I know it, it'll be July 2016. 

This week has been a lot better, but it has been so freaking hot!  It doesn't really bug me anymore, but it's crazy and by the end of the day, my garments are like stuck to me from sweating so much all day, but it's good. 

This week we finally got two investigators to church!  Eleven said they would come but only two ended up coming.  We walk to all their houses before church to try and get them, but they won't or aren't home, but we're doing our part.  They just need to accept the gospel.  And we also got 13 baptism dates this past week which is good!  Hopefully they all stay with their commitment.  One of the investigators that came to church is 18.  His name is Erik.  He's a good guy and very interested.  I get along well with him, with my little Spanish.  I have seen quite a few BYU shirts here.  A couple days ago, I saw a kid wearing a BYU Jimmer jersey, so I went and talked to him about it for a bit.  I told him if he wants to wear that jersey, he had to be baptized; he giggled.  And I haven't seen any Ute apparel here, thank goodness.  

 (Click on the link above to see the role of missionaries in the church and what makes the work so important for Elder Copeland as well as the other 85,000 missionaries presently serving throughout the world.)

One thing here that is like impossible is the direction of people's houses.  They don't have addresses here.  They have main street names and you just go off that.  For example, if we contact someone and ask where they live, they will say something like 6 calles lago de cemeterio 8 cuadras norte casa color celeste.  Something like that, it's insane.  My companion has been here 18 months, and he still has a hard time with it.  Some of the names here are so weird, and I have no idea what they are.  It's hard to understand some people cause they have only a couple teeth... They need some dentist work here.  I'll do it in a couple years for them.  

One thing that I don't like here is there are NO public bathrooms--NONE.  And the food doesn't always treat me well, so I can tell sometime in the next 2 years I won't make it to a bathroom unfortunately.  When it rains it pours, but not for a long period of time.  Sometimes it rains during the night, and rain plus our metal roof don't get a long.  It's so loud and impossible to sleep.  Also, we have a rat around the size of Koda living with us.  I have seen him once.  If I see that thing again, I will grab it by the tail and punt that thing so far BYU will offer me a scholarship. 

Speaking of BYU, good to hear that they won!  While you guys were all watching the game either on tv or at the game, I was walking in a rainstorm in a river of mud.  While I was doing that, I thought to myself, right now they are at Lavell Edwards Stadium watching a BYU game while I'm swimming in mud.  I miss those games so much, especially with them having such a good year.  Speaking of this, Dad, make sure you record EVERY game cause I'm watching them all in 22 months!  Including the National Championship.

The language gets a little better every day.  I can understand better than I am able to speak though, but I still can't understand a lot.  I'm staying patient and trusting in the Lord to help me with the language.  My patriarchal blessing also says a lot about the gift of tongues, so that's helping a lot also.  I cant wait til I'm like a year in my mission and know how to do everything well. 

Every morning for breakfast I eat oatmeal and frosted flakes and a piece of bread with peanut butter.  For the oatmeal, I put it in the fridge during the night so it's soft in the morning then just put some brown sugar on it.  It's good!   And I do push ups and stuff every morning and night.  I can tell pretty soon my shirts won't fit me.  That's how big I'm getting:)
Well another week down, many more to go.  I'm doing great, don't worry about me. 

Love you all and go Cougs.

Elder Copeland

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