Monday, December 1, 2014

Nineteenth Week - December 1, 2014

Well... I made it through another week.

I got transferred to a new area--La Borgoña the city is called Ticuantepe (20 min. south of Managua) and my area is huge!  I am also a TRAINER!  I just finished my training and now I am a trainer and also re-opening a new area.  That never happens especially for an American!  Talk about a lot of responsibility!  But crazy that I am already done with my first area!  I really enjoyed Granada and Elder Regalizo.  I learned a lot from him.  Also, when I went to put my suitcase in the taxi on Wednesday morning, my pants ripped so bad that they are beyond repairable... even worse, there were my suit pants. 

A little about my new area.  It's in like the suburbs of Managua.  My companion is Elder Palacio from  Chinadega, Nicaragua.  He is waiting for his Visa because he is going to Bolivia, so I will be training him for at least 6 weeks.  He is really quiet, so it's been a little tough to adjust to him but it's good.  He doesn't really know how to read that well and can't write at all..... I am working him hard!  He is a bit lazy, but I'm changing that because I don't like lazy people especially in the mission.  Also, reopening an area is tough.  I know nothing, where anyone lives, the objects that they use for street direction, cause here they don't really have street names.  Also, in my house the water never works at night, so I always have to take a bucket shower, and have to do my laundry by hand... so that kinda blows.  

On Thursday for Thanksgiving, we went to some ward member's house in Managua.  Let's just say I'm sure it was 1,000,000 times better in SF... My first Sunday, I got 3 people to church.  I was really happy with myself, especially having 0 investigators on Wednesday-- the field is white, ready to harvest.  One thing I don't do well is teach, but I can bear my testimony... "The fire of your testimony is all you need in order to introduce the gospel" -M. Russell Ballard.

(Click on the above link to read or listen to the talk by Elder M. Russell Ballard which Elder Copeland is referring to.)

One thing that I like telling them is I AM NOT HERE TO LIE FOR 2 YEARS! I wouldn't leave everything I have (family, friends, school, golf, house, car, technology, AC, BYU sports, AMERICA, normal life, etc.) if this church wasn't true.  It is so easy to know!  I have noticed that people believe, but don't want to change their lives and accept the truth.  I don't understand it.... but I am here to baptize, and I am going to baptize!

I can't believe I already have made it through one BYU football season!  And also, November is already over!  Last month of 2014, ready to start 2015 (my whole year I'm on the mission).  But day by day it gets closer, July 2016 will come........... this past week, I have been thinking of home a lot, so that's been annoying me because it is hard to focus. But I'm here, doing well.  Hope SF was amazing.  I wish I could have been there, but I'm still in the family tree..... But until next week.  Hope you have a good week.


Elder Copeland

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