Monday, March 23, 2015

Thirty-fifth Week - March 23, 2015

Well, today is a pretty big day 8 MONTHS!  Wow, time goes way too fast.  

This week was much better.  We found some pretty cool people, and we also had a baptism on Saturday.  Ariel whose 10.  His Grandma Justina was baptized in January.  Ariel's mom hates Mormons.   Who knows why so she never gave us permission.  Then I finally told Justina this past week that we need to baptize Ariel.  She's super cool, so she gave us permission.  So he was baptized on Saturday!

 But holy freak it's HOT HOT HOT!  The only thing I can really compare it to is that one time we went to the BYU v Florida State football game in Florida and we were soaked in sweat before the game even started.  It's kinda hard to put in words the heat, just come down here and get a feel for yourself... It's miserable, but the work is still moving forward!

On Thursday, we had to get up at 4 am for a meeting with the North and South missions and Elder Ochoa from the Seventy and Bishop Davies were there.  It was pretty good.  It was good to see everyone that I haven't seen for a while.  We had to go to Managua quite a few times this past week, so my money has gone down the drain...
 (All the missionaries that came when Elder Copeland came to Nicaragua.)
 (Elder Kleiner with Elder Copeland.  They were companions in the Missionary Training Center when they first arrived in Nicaragua.)
 (Elder Hartley and Elder Copeland.  They have become very good friends while in Nicaragua.)
(Elder Bennett and Elder Regalizo with Elder Copeland.  Elder Regalizo leaves next week from Nicaragua, so this was one last picture with Elder Copeland's first companionship in Nicaragua.)

Saturday was pretty crazy!  This is what I wrote in my journal on Saturday: 

Very interesting day... First off, yes Ariel was baptized.  He was so pumped!!  I'm so happy for him.  I was able to baptize him.  After, we ate cake and ice cream at Mariaelena's house. Then we came back to the house and I decided to light the weeds on fire in the backyard (a huge pile), so yea I did that and in like 5 seconds that flame was like 10ft tall... Kinda scary, but we got it all under control and it burned all the weeds down thank goodness.  

Then we went and worked for a bit.  We were walking to the Espinosa's and a guy right by me, stopped me and yelled, ''Tu eres Satanas!''  Then I just gave him a nice salute and started walking and he yelled again, ''Tu eres Satanas!'' so I just said back, ''Dios le bendiga,'' (God bless you) and walked away laughing.  

We went to the Espinosa's to chill for a bit, then right in front of their house a little girl got hit by a motorcycle.  She ran out into the road and the guy couldn't do anything about it.  The girl had a bunch of blood all over her face and a big gash in her forehead, but she'll be fine. 

Then we went to look for some investigator arriba, but she wasn't home so we walked to Hermana Katy's house to eat dinner cause we didn't have time to eat lunch.  And as we were walking, a moto taxi pulls over to me and the guy tells me, ''esta fumando mariuguana.''  I just replied, ''k.''  Kinda embarrassing how stupid some people are like, honestly.  

I bought some Nesquik today and drank it for the first time in 8 months!  But today was a pretty good day, different but good.
So yea it was kinda crazy!

But I can't believe I already have 8 months... 1/3 of the way done.  I need to enjoy every little moment while I have it.  I don't really have anything else to say.  I can't believe spring break is almost here and school is almost over... Have a good week!  Love you guys.  Thanks for all the support.

Elder Copeland

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