Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thirty-third Week - March 9, 2015

Hey, sorry not much time. 

This week has been insane, and we just had a missionary get put with us cause him and his old companion weren't the greatest missionaries, so we have to set him straight I guess.  But this week kinda blew in ways.  I'll get right to it.

On Wednesday, around 6 pm we were walking past the park, and heard an "oy!"  We turned around and saw a guy sitting on the sidewalk very drunk.  He happened to be a dad in the branch with a family of 6 including one on a mission... we are like family with this family.  It was very sad to see this... I asked him what the heck he was doing.  He was super aggressive with me, trying to take all my money and stuff, so I finally had to just shove him away... it's sad to see stuff like this happening especially to a family.  This guy ended up spending his whole week on the street drinking and smoking...

And then on Friday night... a lady in the branch wanted to wash our clothes so we came to pick them up Friday night.  We got there and she was crying, so I asked her what happened. She said nothing.  Then I asked, "and where's your husband (our mission leader)," and she broke down and said that he left a week ago to be with another lady... keep in mind that they are sealed in the temple... So sad to see what Satan is doing to families these days.

(Click on the link above to watch a short video about making poor decisions.)
And then Sunday morning, we were just trying to bring our investigators to church, we turn the corner to be right in front of a street fight.  One of the guys is super inactive but has the priesthood and spends his life drinking all day long.  So this member is getting destroyed and the other dude stabbed him twice right in front of us and his body was completely jacked from getting beat up so bad.  The dude ended up just smashing his head into the wall to knock him out, then left raging.  And this guy that got knocked out has a family, also... so sad.  I seriously thought he was dead after seeing him get stabbed twice, but nope.   He was drunk as ever that night running around like nothing even happened.

I'm so lucky to have a dad like the one I have.  Not easy to find these days.  He's faithful to his wife and family, has a job and works so hard to provide for us to make our lives better, active in the church, worthy priesthood holder, incredible example to everyone, supports me in all that I do, and the list just goes on.  Not easy to find a dad like that.  I hope to be like him one day, such an amazing role model!

 (Elder Copeland's dad)

Well, now about normal stuff.  We are still looking for new people to teach, but it's tough, but we are still working hard!  When sore trials come upon us, it's time to deepen our faith in God, to work hard, and to serve others.  Then he will heal our broken hearts.  Love you all. Sorry no pictures again.  I haven't been taking my camera with me.  I'll take some this week.

Elder Copeland

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