Monday, March 16, 2015

Thirty-fourth Week - March 16, 2015

This week was a little bit better
We are still looking for some people to teach, man we cant find like anyone.  Freaking Catholics and Evangelicos!  It's all right as long as I do my part, the Lord will always do his without fail.  I learn new things every day, and I am greatful for this opportunity that I have in my life right now to do what I am doing.  But really nothing big is happening right now, so not a lot to say.  But there's a thing I saw that a missionary wrote called, "The Miracle of a Mission."   It was super cool. 
I had a revelation this week.
One of those keys to the universe.
Keys to understanding a question I've had for months and months.
One I've never really fully understood.
Until now.

I see miracles every day.
I see the hand of God in all things.
But some miracles, if you follow the whole story, sometimes they turn instead into a disaster.
a nightmare--for the time being, anyway.
What was the purpose of the former miracle if it's followed by something horrendous or at the very least, it doesn't quite work out in a way a missionary may hope?
Because the miracle of a mission and throughout all of life is in the moments.
the molecules of eternity.
There is no grand destination.
Even eternal life is a continuation of living.
The beauty and joy is the process and experiences that come thereby.
and that's the answer.
The outcome doesn't take away from the miracles or moments that preceded it.
To everything there is a season.
a time and place. and He knows all the times.
He knows every experience we're going to have and when we need it.
It's about the experience.  The tender mercy.
Not necessarily whether or not it works out in our eyes.
Just because it doesn't all turn into a beautiful story they share in general conference, doesn't mean that the whole process was foolish or wrong.
God always has a plan.
His plan and timing is perfect.
a master of logistics.
a master of mercies and miracles.
at the very moment they're needed.
God really does give new hearts.
Peace really does exist.
It's not a lie, a vain ambition, or false hope.
but the only peace is in Him.
in trusting Him.  in knowing Him.
because in the end, that's all that matters.
This is life eternal, that we knew God and Jesus Christ.
our father. our brother.
All things are done in the wisdom of he who knoweth all things.
the most profound memories of every day, week, month, transfer, or even my entire mission aren't found within the big events.
They're in the little moments.
the miracles, in my eyes.
miracles that someone else may not even see as such.
a magical moment shared with someone that you may never even see again.
a moment of sharing testimony.
a moment of seeing the light brighten and shine within someone's eyes.
All the moments that have no description.
meeting a kind old grandfather that reminds you of how much you love these people and talking with them.
the rain being stayed until later so that you can sing in the park as a district.
telling someone how loving and compassionate God is, and having them truly listen.
the bond shared with companions.  seeing a new missionary be filled with confidence and capability be validated.
watching someone read the Book of Mormon, and be filled with a new light.
singing hymns with babushkas.
or maybe even just the moments with no other person at all.
just something you share with God.
something that He sends into your path just for you.
a confirmation.
a mercy.
a reminder of all that is good.
Because that's the miracle of a mission.
Those are the treasures that we lay up in store, holding forever sacred and cherished in our heart.
That's why we do what we do.
That's why I'm a missionary.
to watch the light and love shine.
I never get tired of the process.
the moments that make any other disappointment or hardship worth it.
the true joys.
That's why.
to find, hold, and share the sunshine that never goes away.
to recognize the children of light.
they're here.

This really helped me cause I would just wait and look for the big miracles, like baptizing a complete family, but I just couldn't get my mind around it.  Just like this missionary, I see miracles every single day.  In all sorts of forms.  I'm working on having a complete change of heart and love for this work cause I'll be honest, especially right now when we can't find anyone to teach, I'd rather just go in the house and read my scriptures or something, cause getting rejected all day long sucks.  But, no, I'm still yelling, "Buenas," at every house I see to find that family of gold that I have been searching for.  I have been humbled this month and learned a lot about patience and how we can't always have success or else we would never learn. 

 (Family Espinosa with Elder Copeland.   Brother Espinosa used to be the branch president.)

(Family Mendoza in the branch with Elder Copeland.  Brother and Sister Mendoza both served in Guatemala.)
(Mariaelena, a lady in the branch that cooks for the Elders sometimes.  She used to work in the SLC temple.) 

 (The bird is just dead.  As Elder Copeland describes, "It's just there cause the lady wants it there."
This picture is from church yesterday.  It was Elder Page's bday, so after church we ate cake with some of the branch.  In this branch there are more than 300 members, but only on average 60 come every week.  So many inactives here in Nicaragua because they don't have their foundation--their testimony.  It's sad.  But we had fun!
Hope you have a good week and go Cougs!
Elder Copeland

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